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Friday, December 18, 2009

Still Working away...almost finished!!

Can not believe it...almost finished...knitting..only one gift left to knit, Baking....just a couple more things to bake, got the plum jam made today. RH was away for the day so no interruptions so managed to accomplish a few things. Weather has been so nice lately, was above zero today and had really planned to get out and visit the animals but ran out of time. Now I hear the wind blowing again and they say more snow. Hope it does not amount to much, we have enough snow on the ground for Christmas. RH just got all the snow pushed away from in front of the feed bin the other day and the feed truck came today so that is done.
I have four big Christmas Cactus and they have been blooming like crazy, took all the dead flowers off of them yesterday and there are a lot of buds coming so hope they are out for Christmas. Well off to bed and hopefully finish up the knitting tomorrow. We do not have our tree up yet...we do not even have a tree yet. RH went down to the tree lot in town, he had bought a beautiful tree there last year and wanted to get the same type for this year......this year the tree was eighty dollars.......who would pay eighty dollars for a tree you only have up for a couple of days!!!!! Now I could see it if it had roots and could be planted!! Needless to say...we still do not have a tree.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baking and knitting and Baking some more!!

It is thirty below at our place right now and will probably get colder as it gets dark...why are we living here in the winter!! Grey kitty says she is not coming out from under the afghan until spring, she is a house cat...what about the poor barn cats!!I should be knitting them hats as Little Grey froze one of her ears a bit last winter and they are in the barn with a stack of hay bales to snuggle in.
Just finished baking eight dozen chocolate chip cookies and have all the dishes washed up, did the gingersnaps a couple of days ago and yesterday did some chocolate noodle whatevers, tomorrow is the make jam day, all to go into Christmas bags for kids and grandkids and grandkids girl friends. Few more days of baking and will have that ready. There are twelve of them this year. I also do up little bags of goodies for all the nieces and nephews on my side of the family, twenty bags to do there. pretty well have the stuff ready to go into them, just have one more thing to put in, I take some paper sandwich bags and stamp llamas all over them and tie a ribbon around the top with their names on them, do not see them that often and by doing this I remember their names and they remember me...the "Llama Aunty". Am also trying to get some Christmas knitting finished.....might be some I.O.U's there. Still have to do up my Christmas letter.......think I will make it?? Is it better if I just ignore how many days I have left and just keep plugging away.....or should I get all organized and figure out how many days are left and figure out what I can do???...I think I will just live dangerously and wing it, leave the stress to the last day. Well off to knit......sure hope it warms up around here!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well have we got snow...and cold...and snow....can not keep the snowdrift shoveled off the front step, good thing the wind keeps the snow away from the door downstairs or we would be jumping off the back deck to get out of here. For the last two days we have had very...and I mean very high winds but was not bad as it was warmer but last night the temps went to twenty below and the wind is still blowing from the not even want to know what the chill factor is. We did not get to either day of the Christmas market, have only seen one truck go by the last two days and it was yesterday someone got through to try to get a large bale of hay into their cattle up in the hills, watched them snaking in and out of pastures where wind had blown the snow off the ground to miss the big drifts on the road and then seen them get to the pasture but do not know if they found their cows to give them the hay. Now this morning a snowplow went through so roads will be open for a short while. RH moved animals around all day yesterday to try to get them all into barns or shelters, the shelters keep getting blown full of snow so he has to shovel them out, the llama females we have no trouble with them staying tucked in the barn but the two alpaca females just will not go into their shelters, which is usually o.k. but this year they forget they have baby Bella to take care of, so RH moved goats around and got them into the big barn where he can lock them in until the weather clears, Mummy alpaca is not a happy camper but Bella will be safe. And then because Mummy Alpaca is a fence jumper when we try to put her somewhere she does not want to be RH had to drag panels over to the paddock where she is to discourage her from jumping out where we do not want her as there are males on the other side of the fence. Yesterday he said the males outside had ice hanging off their eyes and mouths so he got them up and got the ice off their faces and got them eating and moving around. The male llamas are so hard to house as one will go into the barn and keep all the others out so we have high slab fences they can tuck behind to get out of the weather. Which could be another problem as the winds get so strong they blow sections of the slab fence far no one has been hurt. What would we do with ourselves if we did not have all these animals to take care of. It is survival of the fittest I tell you!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Storming and then Storming!!

Was supposed to be our last market of the year today and tomorrow but woke up to wild wind and blowing snow, could not even see the barn so no market today and it has stormed all day. The wind was coming from the northwest all day so the windfence was protecting the house a bit but now tonight it changed to straight north so no protection from the windfence, house is creaking and moaning. The snow was piled up on the front step halfway up the door and RH cleaned it off when he came back from the barn tonight, I had taken Maxx out to do his business and could hardly stand up in the wind. Now I just looked out the door and the step is covered again and snow half way up the door again, if we open the door it will all fall into the house.I do not think there will be any getting on the roads tomorrow either unless the wind quits during the night and we see someone cleaning the road early tomorrow morning...chances of that happening are nil. Roads have been closed all around us.
On the happy side I love the colors of the yarn I dyed the other day, not the best picture with the poor light in here but it is not bad, just does not show the shine of the yarn. The color of the yarn was just a bit darker than the cone sitting with the skeins. It is llama that a fellow had spun up at a mill from his llamas a few years ago and he donated it to the llama club for a fund raiser, I bought the two cones and have been dyeing it up and making scarves with it, it is very fine, makes beautiful lacy scarves. Will tuck it away until after Christmas. Well here is hoping this bad weather goes away in the next day, the wind is making me a little crazy I tell you, is supposed to turn really cold for next week.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Crazy Weather!!

This morning the sun was out and at noon when I went out I was surprised at how warm it was, the snow we had got the day before was melting......two hours later the snow and wild wind moved in and we had a real snow storm, first it came from the north then turned around and hit us from the west. It is now clearing up and it is supposed to get cold. For a snow picture...just look at the one in my previous post, did not feel like taking any more snow pictures today. Instead I will give you some Llama and Alpaca baby pictures. Blossom is really growing and is such a busy little Bee, is never with her mother always visiting around, as you can see Cusco is one of the herd and then finally I got a picture of the baby Alpaca Bella, her mother does not want us taking pictures of her baby, the picture of Bella looking over her mothers back is so cute, her mother Venus had just put herself between me and Bella so I could not get a picture...or so she thought. But Bella is so curious she has to come and see what I want.
We have our last market this coming weekend, it is Friday and Saturday and then we are finished for this year thank-goodness. Then we can think about Christmas. Dyed up some llama yarn than I had, it was given to the Llama Club by a llama owner, I bought a couple of cones sight unseen as they said it was the lightest colors but it is still a dark tan color so dyed it two colors in the kettle and it turned out not bad, and I washed up some of the sock yarn I had spun at the mill, it has so much spinning oil in it, it looks and feels so much nicer when washed. Will wash up some more tomorrow. Knit a pair of fingerless mitts and started on another pair tonight, am almost knit out!! Next week will start on Christmas baking and Jam making for Christmas presents. plus want to get to the tree lot and get the same type of tree we got last year, we have never had a tree like that, I can not remember the name of the tree but I think I saved the tag that was on it, hope I can find it, it was so beautiful. Well am off to bed, sounds like the wind has gone down a bit. Hope for better weather tomorrow!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Snow Day

Just read my post from last night, it should have read that it was weird having a Christmas Party in November......nothing weird about having one in Dec. Woke up this morning to snow on the ground....guess it will look more like Christmas for the party if the snow stays around for Sunday. Llamas have decided to brave the snow and go down to pasture, usually do not stay long, will see them all coming back up in a minute. Is not that cold out...maybe they have gone down to build a snowman...who knows. Off to get at the day!!

For some reason my colors are not coming out on my yarn, it looks so blah in the pictures. Even Muggles tried to save the day, it was a bit better but still not the correct colors so you will have to use your imagination, the pink is actually a deep burgundy with lighter tones, the blue greens are a lot brighter. Winter light just does not bring out colors like spring and summer light So this is a few of the color runs I did the last couple of weeks. Spent the afternoon skeining yarn, finished a pair of socks and put a fringe on a scarf I had knit and now it is already one-thirty in the morning so better get myself to bed. have a Dr. appointment tomorrow plus my new glasses are ready so can pick them up. Then Saturday we have a Christmas Market that goes from ten in the morning to eight at night and Sunday is our Llama Clubs Christmas party, for me having a Christmas Party in Dec. is a little weird (specially with no snow on the ground) but I guess all facilities are booked up for December. Then next weekend is our last market of the year. Has been a busy year.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally Back to the Dyepots

Finally got the dye pot going again the other day. Thought I would try the dip dyeing where you dye one half of the skein one color and then turn it around and dye the the other half. It would have been faster to use two pots and put half the skein in one pot and the other half in another pot but I wanted to do more than one skein at a time, this way I did four skeins, I think I could do eight skeins if I had something I could put above the pot so the skeins could just hang down instead of hanging over the side of the pot. I found that leaving them hang over the side of the pot dried out the undyed half of the skein so when the blue half was ready to take out I had to squeeze the water out and blot the dyed end so it would not drip onto the stove top and rewet the undyed half. I really need to rig up something to hang the skeins from over the pot......but then I would have to still squeeze out the water from the dyed end and blot it......hmmm......have to think more on this, might be easier to do the two pot thing, if I can fit two big pots side by side on the stove. Wanted the colors to be darker so mixed some black in with the red and blue dye but it did not get as dark as I wanted so next time will have to add a bit more black. O.K. am off to give this another try.....Wish me luck!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vote For Suzanne!!

If you have never read Suzanne's blog "Chickens in the Road" pop over and check it out, meet all her barnyard animals and her adventures on her farm and her recipes!! You have to try her recipes, she does not just give you the ingredients, she shows you step by step with beautiful pictures. Just made her pepperoni rolls and they are the greatest. Suzanne is in a contest for a writing job and she needs our votes!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Goodbye to our Beautiful Asia

We had just moved out to this property we live on now, we were living in a fifth-wheel until our house was built, no gas...and thank-goodness for cell phones...we ran the generator every night to pump water to the hundred Llamas and hundred and fifty goats and charge the cell phone. We got a call from a neighbor from our other place to say another neighbor had sold his farm and his sheep thinking the people taking the sheep would take his dog.....but they did not want her and he was on his way to take her to the vet clinic to have her put down and could we please take her. What to do!! We phoned back to say we would take her and her daughter answered to say her mother had already gone over to say we would take the dog {she knew us well} we said it would be a few days before we could get her and they said they would look after her until we could get there. We knew she had been tied all her life in the sheep pasture, when we would drive by she would be sitting on top of her house. Asia was not a young dog when we got her, we knew nothing about Pyrenees dogs. We tied her up in the goat paddock until she could get used to goats and us, and every night RH would take her out on the lead so she could know her boundaries and she marked them well. Finally we could let her free in the paddocks. She had had a few litters of pups over the years and she was not spayed when we got her and before we could get her spayed she had a visitor...the biggest male Pyrenees I have ever seen, RH said it is o.k. as it is the Pyrenees from next door and he is neutered.....well one day he was petting him and discovered he was not the dog from next door as this dog was not neutered!!So we were going to have puppies!! I found a picture of her puppies, only five in the picture...she had six but have you ever tried to get six puppies lined up. They had to be the cutest puppies. The last year we could see Asia was slowing down and we hated to think of life without her, we think she was about thirteen years old, Asia died a few days ago. Goodbye to our Beautiful Asia, I miss hearing her bark at night as she warned the coyotes she was on duty.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am finally figuring it out!!

Can you imagine..... a rainbow in November, I almost missed it, looked out the window and by the time I got my camera it was fading away.
Well I got my new laptop and son Tom came out on Saturday and we got it set up and moved a lot of my stuff over from the other computer and he brought out a router and installed it so I can use the laptop where ever I want in the house so that has been great. Then tried to write a post the other night and first could not find my pictures....then lost the post and gave up and went to bed. The next morning was thinking about it...and thought...good grief I did not install my camera disk!! Actually we just moved stuff off the other computer over here.....forgot about installing my other programs. is taking a while but am getting there. Then my latest pictures were not moved thought about that for a while....they are still on the camera so downloaded them and I am good to go. With the new windows program things are done a bit different so have to learning as I using a lot of brain power.
I asked the powers that for winter not to start until Feb., forgetting that if it is warm around here at this time of year we get the bad winds, the last couple of days have been terrible, today they said down on the highway the wind was 100 k so up here on the hill it was probably stronger, it blew all night and all day, even with the wind fence I thought the house was going down. Looked out at noon and here were the big sliding doors on the goat barn open, now these doors are hard to slide open and the wind was so strong it had opened them. RH went out to close them and said the one big door was right out of the track on the bottom. So I have changed my mind...bring on the snow and cold, youngest son Ryan who works up in northern Canada said they just got a foot of snow...wanted to trade him but he said no just keep your wind. They said big trucks were pushed off the road down on the highway this afternoon.
Well here goes...hopefully I can get this posted on my blog and it does not disappear. wind has gone down right now so here is hoping it stays that way!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Still Knitting...Running out of time!!

Am still knitting, redid the pattern for the hats with ear flaps and think I finally got it, did another one with the same stitches but a smaller needle and it was still too big!! So revamped the stitches and I think I got it...but forgot to take pictures, will do that tomorrow. Got four small ones finished. Then I just finished a scarf out of an acrylic loopy yarn, already made two red ones and now have to put the fringe on them, just started another scarf out of a cotton mix. Have an eye appointment for new glasses tomorrow and some groc. shopping so will take my knitting and knit every spare moment...can I push the groc. cart and knit at the same time?? The Christmas sale is three days this coming weekend.
Then RH took a load of goats to the auction, we are not going to bred anymore I will just keep a few of my pygmy pets, last Sat. and you will not believe this...he has been giving me flack about all these extra llamas and alpacas that have arrived at our house.....and what did he do...he phoned me as soon as he got to the auction...there was this little four month old llama someone brought in and he was all by himself....he was really cute and friendly and was well cared for and looked really healthy....should he buy him to put with our boy Paxton when we wean him so he has a friend his own age, well he is living at our house now, he came with his name Cusco ( do not know if I am spelling that correctly---remember the llama in movie) he is one of the herd now. Am so glad the weather has been nice lately. Well am off to knit a few more rows and then off to bed. Posting a picture of the flowers on my Mum plant, such a pretty pink....but I could swear it had purple flowers when I got it last spring... hmmm...wonder if I took a picture? And I almost forgot....I ordered my new laptop with windows seven!! Can not wait!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hats!! Hats and more hats!!

We still have snow all over the ground, first it rained and then it snowed, thank-goodness it was not that cold but the roof and the siding of the house was coated with ice and snow and when it warmed up it slid off. What a racket!! It took me a while to figure out what was going on....I kept jumping and the cats kept running and hiding. Now tomorrow they say it is supposed to start warming up and we have wind warnings. I see already the mice have started digging in the front flowerbed all around my bulbs!! What to do?? I have to figure something out or I will not have any plants left, these are not ordinary small mice these are monster mice, we have put out those live mouse traps but they are too large to get into them.
But I can not worry about the mice at the moment, have to knit...knit...knit for the upcoming Christmas market next weekend. Am stuck on hats at the moment. had dyed up some knitted tubes or what they call sock blanks and knit four hats, they are all bright and sunny looking, then decided I would knit a childs hat with earflaps that you felt after you have knit it....good grief!! Look how big it was but o.k. I was following the pattern for once and it should turn out o.k. but was worried as it really looked too wide and I know it shrinks a lot more up and down than it does around. So in the washer it went hot wash cold rinse twice and it did shrink up and down o.k. but was way too wide around like I suspected and it no way fit a child, it is too big, will fit an adult. I think I should have spaced the stitches between the earflaps different, they have the same amount of stitches in the front as the back and it would fit better with less stitches in the back. Here I thought going with a pattern would be so much faster. Will have to think what to do with it...could I do something to ease the extra fullness in the back or should I turn it upside down and stick a flowerpot in it....hmmm...better sleep on it. Will try another one tomorrow and use smaller needles.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never enough time in a day...or a week!!

Trying to remember where I was last post, time just keeps getting away from me and it does not help that RH volunteered to be President of Llama Canada after we discussed he was not going to be!! So he is on the computer whenever he can, returning calls etc. I said to him that I was going to order myself a laptop...he said good idea...then he could take it with him when he goes to the conference...I said EXCUSE ME it will be MINE, why in the hell did he think I was getting my own computer!! Things are being accidentally erased etc. etc. He is not that great on the computer and I seem to be always rescuing him.
I think I was knitting on the scarf that was a cream color llama yarn and had spun the silk to knit with it to perk it up...well it was not working so ripped it out. The llama skein was spun so loose at the mill that it just had no life to it so I replyed it and set it and I think it is going to look better. had to set it aside to get my stuff ready for the guild sale last Sat. Finished another llama scarf in a natural brown color and then got the dye pots out and got twenty skeins of Merino wool dyed up and a few of the knitted tubes that you unravel to knit something from. Took my stuff in Friday night as they were setting things up, was such a beautiful balmy calm evening that you hated to go inside. Then it was up early Sat. morning to get in to the sale, it takes me over an hour to get there from where I live here in the hills. Well when I got up it was windy and some snow was coming down and I thought as the weatherman had said we would just get a few showers on the weekend we were probably just having our own weather thing like we usually do and away I went, the snow had stopped when I got down to town so that was good and I decided to take the back roads instead of the highway.....well!! all of a sudden I was in a snowstorm, heavy wet snow!! but I was not turning back, I was going to be at the sale and kept going, glad I was on the back road and not the highway with slush flying all over, got to the highway down into B.D. and then onto the back road to the hall where the sale was thinking all the time, everyone went to so much work and there will not be anyone at the sale, well I could not believe my eyes when I drove up....I could not even park near the hall as there were so many cars there all ready!! They do not open the doors until ten but had all these people standing out in the snow at nine-thirty so they let them in, when I got in the hall it was wall to wall people. I sat and knit and talked..and then talked some more, this last year I have not been able to get to any of the meetings so it was so great to see old friends and meet some new ones. By the time it was ready to pack up and leave for home the snow had stopped and the roads were clear again. we had a couple of days of dry weather and I did manage to get a couple pictures of the baby llama...I think I am going to call her Blossom, at first she did not want her picture taken, was not co-operating at all, I took a few pictures and then the camera said the memory card was full!! I was so upset!! It was if she knew as there she was standing cute as could be. When I downloaded the pictures I found that a couple I had taken were not too bad. Now have to get busy on items for the Christmas sale in a week and a half, have been knitting off a couple of tubes I had dyed and made four hats so far, forgot to take pictures, will do that tomorrow. Last night we had another storm blow in and the ground is covered with snow again, thank-goodness it is not that cold, I am still hoping for a stretch of Indian you think there is a chance?? I can always hope....right??

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snow and More Snow!!

The snow has never left and I am tired of winter already!!! Mr weatherman says it is supposed to warm up and the snow disappear and I sure hope he is right. We have not had anymore llama babies, either they are not preg. and are just fat and grumpy or are waiting until warm weather. Got a picture of the little baby alpaca down in the field with her Mom, snow does not seem to bother her at all, she races around the field having a great time. The little white llama races around too but could not find her in the field as she blends in with the snow. I brought my Mum plant in as it was full of buds and it is living under my light I use when I am knitting and the buds are starting to open up, it was a plant my husband brought home for me in April not noticing that all the flowers were bent over and dying (he does not notice these things) so I trimmed it up and put it outside when the weather warmed up, what a surprise for it to flower, hopefully all the buds will bloom.
We had our Thanksgiving on Sunday and all the kids and Grandsons were out for dinner, only one missing was youngest son who works and lives in northern Alberta, he will be home this weekend for a visit.
Guild sale coming up so have been spinning and knitting, started the scarf with the silk I spun knit with the llama yarn, really is not knitting up like I thought it would but am not going to rip it back, it is the one row scarf pattern and I remember thinking the same thing when I knit the red scarf and when I finished it and blocked it, it turned out great. The llama yarn was some a friend had spun at a mill and it does not have much twist in it, I should have put it through the spinning wheel and put a bit more twist in it. I find the mills often do not put enough twist in llama yarn. Have been cleaning and carding more of the llama like I spun for the conference so I have enough to make a scarf, have a bit more to clean and card and then can get it spun up. Am going to run out of time as I also wanted to card some of the llama and alpaca fibre I had washed and dehaired at the mill this spring and better get the dye pots going. Never enough time and this snow does not help...had to take some time out to be depressed.....need some sun to get motivated.....right??

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This is unbelievable!!

This picture says it all, look at my poor rose!! Thank-goodness we got all the vegetables out of the garden when we did, and the forecast for this week is not good either although some of the snow melted as the sun came out for a bit but now the wind has been blowing like crazy and I do not know whether it was rain or snow hitting the windows. Just took the dog out and it must have been rain as I do not see any new snow, who knows by morning what we will have. please let us get some warmer weather before winter really sets in as there still is yard work to get done. We also had a baby llama born just before the snow and the rest of the girls are still waiting, probably for better weather....I hope. Got a picture of the new baby in the barn this afternoon, and by the look of her ears and her curly fibre her father just might be the Suri Alpaca boy...hmmmmm I see we will have to have her blood typed to make sure...forgot to say it was another girl!! Am really hoping for all girls this year. The little alpaca baby is running races with her mother these days, does not take them long to get going. Have to think of some names pretty soon. Got the cold room all sorted out so I have room for the potatoes but did not get them brought in...ran out of day as usual. I got the silk I spun plied and steamed and it turned out great, so hopefully it works with the llama/bamboo yarn for the knitted scarf. Well am off to bed and hope I do not wake up to more snow in the morning!!

Doing a bit of everything!!

What have I been busy with?? Have to think and try to catch up with myself. I had entered five things in the conference fibre show but only got four finished, the skein of handspun llama yarn was still damp as I tossed it into the bag as RH went out the door. Spent the weekend feeding and hugging my goats and watching for llama babies. Could not believe it when I got a first on all four items I entered, I did them in such a rush. I had also entered a couple of fleeces that had also been at two other shows, had not had much time to clean them up for the first shows so tossed them out on the sorting table and resorted them (could not believe what a terrible job I had done before) plus I brought back three fleeces from a friend to enter and resorted them too, they were from animals we had sold them. They got first and second and I got a third for one of mine, I lost points as this year they made a new rule about weight of a fleece and I had only put half of a fleece in because I did not have time to clean the whole thing up, never enough time!!
This llama baby watch thing is making me crazy as they are all overdue now, one llama had a still born baby, do not know what happened. Then old mummy alpaca had her baby, now I don't think she has ever had anything but boys but this year she gave us a little dark brown girl, got a picture of her but the wind was blowing so hard that day she could not even hold her ears up, she is so cute.
Got all the potatoes dug and at the moment they are spread out on the garage floor, job for today is to get them bagged and into the cold room. I took the carrots and beets out of the garden and have the carrots all washed up and bagged and in the fridge, that took a whole day as there must be forty pounds of them, now just have to get the beets made into pickles. RH brought home a case of plums from the market this weekend so have them pitted and in the freezer waiting for jam making day. Fall sales are coming up so in spare moments am knitting and spinning, was going to make a scarf out of a skein of llama/bamboo in a cream color but it just looked so blah, I had a small pkg of silk in fall colors so have spun that up and just plyed it and will knit that in with the cream color skein and that will brighten it up....I hope...anyway that is the plan. Well am off to get at the day, first thing on the list is getting the potatoes into the cold room...but where am I going to put the fleece that is stored in there.........

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This and That!!

Will try to get a quick post in this morning before the day begins. Finally finished all the items I had entered in the fibre section at the Llama Conference and got RH on the road to the Conference. He phoned after he got there and said one of the fleeces I sent they could not find.....I said it went out to the truck in your they were all in the same bag for goodness whatever happened to it it happened after it went into the truck. Have not heard from him since so it could have been a mix-up somewhere. Got the donated scarves finished, got a picture of the red one finished but forgot to get one of the last scarf. I am here at home llama watching, we have about ten llamas and a couple alpacas that are all due to have their babies any day, so far nothing. We had two days of record breaking heat and thought for sure the babies would all arrive at once. Finally got a good picture of the little boy llama a few days ago, he now has a name..."Paxton" and thanks to Valli and her suggestion that I name the little girl "Posie" she also has a name. Yesterday it cooled off a bit, they are doing a controlled burn in the mountains and we are getting the smoke around here so was glad for the breeze yesterday but the wind went down last night and smoke moved back in so woke up with a foggy head and sore throat, is supposed to be windy again this afternoon so hopefully it will blow away. when it was so hot I went downstairs and sorted some more llama fleece to card and spin, I spun a skein to enter in the fibre show and want another skein to go with it to have enough for a scarf, but did not get back at it yesterday. My little rose bush just keeps blooming, I bought it thinking it was one of those miniature roses but it just keeps growing and blooming, now the problem is to manage to keep it over the winter, I have been putting out mouse seed to get rid of the mice but I do not think it is doing any good as they are still running around and I think they are undermining some of my flowerbed...grrrrr!! What to do...what to do!! The garden is shutting down slowly, we had a bit of frost so things are just touched. The potatoes are great this year, will have to get the fibre out of the cold room so we have someplace to put them...and we better get them out of the ground pretty soon or I will not have to worry as I see the moles have moved into that area. Just can not win around here with the predators, is a constant battle to keep my animals and gardens safe. Well I can hear I am being paged from the barnyard so better get moving, have the window open and the goats are calling me...also the resident rooster is doing his thing too...lots of crowing going on for one rooster. He is probably hungry too!!
Well!!!! After I wrote this post this morning I tried to send it and it would not go, tried a couple more times today...would not go....I just tried again... and all of a sudden I noticed the the little box was not checked beside do you except etc. I checked it and everything is ready to if I could just figure out how to move the pictures around and not just dump them all in.........someday.