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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well have we got snow...and cold...and snow....can not keep the snowdrift shoveled off the front step, good thing the wind keeps the snow away from the door downstairs or we would be jumping off the back deck to get out of here. For the last two days we have had very...and I mean very high winds but was not bad as it was warmer but last night the temps went to twenty below and the wind is still blowing from the not even want to know what the chill factor is. We did not get to either day of the Christmas market, have only seen one truck go by the last two days and it was yesterday someone got through to try to get a large bale of hay into their cattle up in the hills, watched them snaking in and out of pastures where wind had blown the snow off the ground to miss the big drifts on the road and then seen them get to the pasture but do not know if they found their cows to give them the hay. Now this morning a snowplow went through so roads will be open for a short while. RH moved animals around all day yesterday to try to get them all into barns or shelters, the shelters keep getting blown full of snow so he has to shovel them out, the llama females we have no trouble with them staying tucked in the barn but the two alpaca females just will not go into their shelters, which is usually o.k. but this year they forget they have baby Bella to take care of, so RH moved goats around and got them into the big barn where he can lock them in until the weather clears, Mummy alpaca is not a happy camper but Bella will be safe. And then because Mummy Alpaca is a fence jumper when we try to put her somewhere she does not want to be RH had to drag panels over to the paddock where she is to discourage her from jumping out where we do not want her as there are males on the other side of the fence. Yesterday he said the males outside had ice hanging off their eyes and mouths so he got them up and got the ice off their faces and got them eating and moving around. The male llamas are so hard to house as one will go into the barn and keep all the others out so we have high slab fences they can tuck behind to get out of the weather. Which could be another problem as the winds get so strong they blow sections of the slab fence far no one has been hurt. What would we do with ourselves if we did not have all these animals to take care of. It is survival of the fittest I tell you!!


Jody said...

Wow...crazy great white north weather!

Lynne said...

Reminds me of what it was like in here last week. I won't get my car into the garage prolly until mid May. -28 this morning with a stiff north wind, can't even imagine wind chill factors.