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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Where Has The Time Gone!

It has taken me a while but hopefully I am back to blogging!!! Here is the picture of the rose grey yarn plied into skeins, still have not decided what I want to knit out of it. I was almost to the point the other day of going out in the yard digging a deep hole and putting all the computers and associated items in it and trying to get my sanity back!!We had the session with our internet provider and thought finally we would be on track.......but no....our router crapped out! Now this house was a ready built and we moved to this place and they had all the wiring for what ever run up into the back closet which has no light in it so we were always moving the clothes handling a flashlight etc etc when we had a problem, I have been asking ever since we moved into the house if we could just add on some extra cord and move the router out onto a cabinet right beside the closet.....the other person that lives here said it could not be done...asked older son....and he said you would need an electrical outlet near...I said there is one. So now it has been a few more years and we need a new router. So the other person that lives here went to buy a new router and comes home with the router....and wire and electrical box and a box to run the wire for the connection for the router and he has this great idea that he can move the router out to the cabinet. So it took him a day to that all done and then it came time to get all the computers..e reader...ipad and my iphone...printer..all to recognize the new router and we would be back in business. Should have waited until the next day when the other person that lives here was away....but no we would hook things up now starting with his computer (and his help)he pushes buttons without thinking etc.etc. Finally I left him to do his own thing and I got my computer up and running, got my ipad up and running and got my iphone up and running and got his ereader up and running and told him to just back away and let his computer have a rest. My brain has never been so tired. The next day he had to be off to town so I calmly sat down to his computer and got it running with the router. When the other person that lives here has computer problems I tell him to pack up his computer and take it to his Grandson. I sent a message to said Grandson......Brendan...this is your Grandmother speaking...I am giving you your Grandfather for all his computer needs.... Now with a new router...all the setting have been changed on all the computers etc and some programs are not working as they should so it is a headache finding what has changed so it can be changed back. My computer would not recognize my cameras or my iphone so could not download pictures....then I managed to download them and now can not do anything with the pictures. So while the other person who lives here is not home....I am using his computer because it will let me move pictures into my not tell him I am using his computer...because if he has a will be my fault. The picture of the tomatoes is the last of the tomatoes from the greenhouse, greenhouse has been shut down for the winter and I have got them all made up into sauce and in the freezer. They were so yummy all summer but I was glad to see the end of them finally.But now will start grumbling about having to eat store bought tomatoes.....