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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I am Crazy!! and I have run out of Chocolate!!!

I have spent weeks trying to get my sewing...spinning...weaving...whatever room organized...cabinets put together and almost full...and I decided I better get out another unfinished article to work on...have lost track of the rule I made not starting anything new until I had finished some of the started but not finished articles but thought it was time to get at it. would think...that what I was looking for would be in the cabinets...right??? I was sure it was....I looked at least three times...was thinking of having a good old lay down on the floor head banging tantrum.....but knew at my would be a job getting back up and I really do not need to lose anymore brain cells. Plus I was interrupted by RH who was also looking for something he could not find, got him sorted out and on his way... thinking this is stupid...why do I need just this one unfinished item as I could just stick my hand blindly into one of the cabinets and come out with another one...but could not stop thinking about it.....and I did not have any chocolate in the house....then I thought...maybe I should look in my closet....maybe I did not get all the fibre stuff moved that I had stored there...and yes here it was... I had started this cute scarf just before Christmas but had to put it aside to knit some sock orders, so now am going to get at it and see if I can find where I left off, it should be cute when finished. Here is a picture of my working area almost sorted out I finally got my cutting table assembled and got the padded top put back on, it is so great for cutting out items... ironing large items and blocking my items so happy to have her back. so finally got the crochet scarf washed and blocked out on the table, I love it and want to start another one with the same alpaca silk yarn that I have in purple shades...might change the center stitch but will do the same ruffle around it as it came out so great. That is really what I would have liked to start today...but....have to finish something first! I am slowly getting everything organized and it will be so great to be able to just go work at something instead of searching through boxes and working in the mess. We are still getting the winter weather with snow one day then the sun and warmer temps the next day...and sometimes a bit of everything in one day...I so need is coming slowly but not fast enough for me...sun was out this morning but now everything is cloudy but I did snap a picture of this beautiful Robin sitting in the tree sunning himself this morning...hope he is not busy having a good old lay down head banging tantrum now the sun has disappeared.....Off to get working on my fancy little scarf.....but before I do....will search the case...I have some misplaced chocolate.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Am slowly getting so the Crazy Lady.......

I really think I am a crazy person some days...well to tell the truth...most days....have not got the alpaca scarf blocked as yet, trying to find somewhere large enough to lay it out where the resident cats won't take up residence on it. Have been trying to get my area downstairs organized, have all the cabinets moved in and have been unpacking boxes and getting things put away, some days are like Christmas...finding things I forgot I had...a book I had just got before starting to pack things up to move...then there are the OMG items that makes you wonder why on earth you did not rehome them or toss them and why take up space packing them, sorting things out for maybe garage sale or gifting them elsewhere. Have made a rule that I can only keep what I can fit into the storage cabinets and the storage room...have told the kids that they better hope we live long enough to get this stuff sorted out they will have to do it. I have all my fibre stuff plus...have I mentioned....I used to own a fabric store.....also was a seamstress for a few not want to say how many sewing machines I own....We moved the big cutting table in and got it all reassembled and unpacked a lot of my sewing supply's and got them stored in the area under the table and yesterday we got the padded top put on it. Have the big sewing desk put together for the sewing machine and serger but when! when! can I find some time to do anything. But it is great to see things getting organized and being able to just open a door and get something off a shelf instead of trying to figure out what bin or box they are in. And the best thing is getting all my books unpacked and on a book shelf. I also have to remind myself that the farmers markets are going to be starting in a couple of months so have to make time for getting items knit for the markets. I have been knitting some fingerless gloves and some lightweight ladies socks out of some alpaca/wool yarn. And someday the weather will be warm enough to get out in the yard, keep looking for signs of little green shoots on the perennials but so far nothing, we had a few nice days but now cold weather for a few more days. Am so looking forward for the