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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hats!! Hats and more hats!!

We still have snow all over the ground, first it rained and then it snowed, thank-goodness it was not that cold but the roof and the siding of the house was coated with ice and snow and when it warmed up it slid off. What a racket!! It took me a while to figure out what was going on....I kept jumping and the cats kept running and hiding. Now tomorrow they say it is supposed to start warming up and we have wind warnings. I see already the mice have started digging in the front flowerbed all around my bulbs!! What to do?? I have to figure something out or I will not have any plants left, these are not ordinary small mice these are monster mice, we have put out those live mouse traps but they are too large to get into them.
But I can not worry about the mice at the moment, have to knit...knit...knit for the upcoming Christmas market next weekend. Am stuck on hats at the moment. had dyed up some knitted tubes or what they call sock blanks and knit four hats, they are all bright and sunny looking, then decided I would knit a childs hat with earflaps that you felt after you have knit it....good grief!! Look how big it was but o.k. I was following the pattern for once and it should turn out o.k. but was worried as it really looked too wide and I know it shrinks a lot more up and down than it does around. So in the washer it went hot wash cold rinse twice and it did shrink up and down o.k. but was way too wide around like I suspected and it no way fit a child, it is too big, will fit an adult. I think I should have spaced the stitches between the earflaps different, they have the same amount of stitches in the front as the back and it would fit better with less stitches in the back. Here I thought going with a pattern would be so much faster. Will have to think what to do with it...could I do something to ease the extra fullness in the back or should I turn it upside down and stick a flowerpot in it....hmmm...better sleep on it. Will try another one tomorrow and use smaller needles.

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Wow, lovely. I can't knit, first of all... and working out what goes wrong is very beyond me :) So I;m absolutely impressed.

Lovely yarn color combination!