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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am finally figuring it out!!

Can you imagine..... a rainbow in November, I almost missed it, looked out the window and by the time I got my camera it was fading away.
Well I got my new laptop and son Tom came out on Saturday and we got it set up and moved a lot of my stuff over from the other computer and he brought out a router and installed it so I can use the laptop where ever I want in the house so that has been great. Then tried to write a post the other night and first could not find my pictures....then lost the post and gave up and went to bed. The next morning was thinking about it...and thought...good grief I did not install my camera disk!! Actually we just moved stuff off the other computer over here.....forgot about installing my other programs. is taking a while but am getting there. Then my latest pictures were not moved thought about that for a while....they are still on the camera so downloaded them and I am good to go. With the new windows program things are done a bit different so have to learning as I using a lot of brain power.
I asked the powers that for winter not to start until Feb., forgetting that if it is warm around here at this time of year we get the bad winds, the last couple of days have been terrible, today they said down on the highway the wind was 100 k so up here on the hill it was probably stronger, it blew all night and all day, even with the wind fence I thought the house was going down. Looked out at noon and here were the big sliding doors on the goat barn open, now these doors are hard to slide open and the wind was so strong it had opened them. RH went out to close them and said the one big door was right out of the track on the bottom. So I have changed my mind...bring on the snow and cold, youngest son Ryan who works up in northern Canada said they just got a foot of snow...wanted to trade him but he said no just keep your wind. They said big trucks were pushed off the road down on the highway this afternoon.
Well here goes...hopefully I can get this posted on my blog and it does not disappear. wind has gone down right now so here is hoping it stays that way!!

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Jody said...

Wow...I'm glad we don't get those kind of winds here in central Ontario. I remember when I lived in the Netherlands that the winds coming off the North Sea were really was hard to stay on one's bike at times!