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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Sun is out!!

After many days of rain and fog and yes even a day of snow we have had sun and the temps into the double digits. Thought I would run out and do a sun dance then quickly changed my mind....what if I stumble and accidentally do a rain dance.....Wonder if the weather would stay nice long enough to put some stain on the back deck. We have had such a long wet spring and summer if we can call it summer, maybe now we will get our summer. Usually I do not sell my knitted items and yarn at the market over the summer, I spend the time getting stock ready for the Christmas markets but this year RH decided maybe if he had some of my knitted items and yarn on his table it would draw more people.....well it did and I have sold all of my things I had knitted plus he is coming home with all these orders, so that is what I have been doing steady, knitting...knitting...and I have warned him not to say I will knit anymore gloves for anyone!! he came home and said that this man had lost a finger in an accident and could I make him a pair of I made him the pair of gloves but.....RH came home and said the guy said he had asked for two pair of gloves at the have been knitting the other pair and it is not going smoothly to say the least, it is black yarn and I am doing most of my knitting at night these days, thought I was going great and almost finished the other night but when I started the last finger.....not enough put it down carefully (was tempted to take the scissors to it) and went to bed. Had a look at it in the morning and found the dropped stitches so it is done except for working in the ends but I will tell the world...I am not even knitting another pair. Have not been able to keep up with the wristwarmers and do not mind knitting them. Finally spun up some of the llama roving I had processed at the mill, had it blended with merino wool and one batch has bamboo mixed with it and the other has soy silk, while I was spinning it I kept thinking that it did not feel that soft, am used to mixing merino and reg silk with my llama, but when I plyed it it turned out beautifully, have knit a pair of wristwarmers out of the llama-merino-soysilk and love them. Have to spin another bobbin and get it plyed and see how the llama-merino-bamboo turns out. Did not take any pictures as yet, think about it as I am working with the fibre but never get it done. Have an order for a small pair of lady's mitts...notice I am saying mitts and not gloves...out of alpaca and I have to spin the yarn first, then yesterday RH came home with an order for two pair of socks. How am I going to get anything knit for the Christmas markets, hopefully the girls I share a table with have been working hard this summer.
Well better get outside while the sun is out, I run on solar power and my batteries are almost dead, have to get the carrots and potatoes out of the ground as soon as it is dry enough. The frost we had did not do my sunflowers in so hope they can finish blooming, the little birds will love the seeds this winter. Love the little song birds, the baby bluebirds came up to play in the rock garden but then had a couple big hawks arrive and decide they were going to live on the back deck, screaming and flying around the house, scared off all the songbirds and poor Sheba, one of the resident housecats who only ventures out to the front flowerbed terrified to go out at all. Now after the snow and rain we had a few weeks ago have not seen them around and hopefully they have moved on.