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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baking and knitting and Baking some more!!

It is thirty below at our place right now and will probably get colder as it gets dark...why are we living here in the winter!! Grey kitty says she is not coming out from under the afghan until spring, she is a house cat...what about the poor barn cats!!I should be knitting them hats as Little Grey froze one of her ears a bit last winter and they are in the barn with a stack of hay bales to snuggle in.
Just finished baking eight dozen chocolate chip cookies and have all the dishes washed up, did the gingersnaps a couple of days ago and yesterday did some chocolate noodle whatevers, tomorrow is the make jam day, all to go into Christmas bags for kids and grandkids and grandkids girl friends. Few more days of baking and will have that ready. There are twelve of them this year. I also do up little bags of goodies for all the nieces and nephews on my side of the family, twenty bags to do there. pretty well have the stuff ready to go into them, just have one more thing to put in, I take some paper sandwich bags and stamp llamas all over them and tie a ribbon around the top with their names on them, do not see them that often and by doing this I remember their names and they remember me...the "Llama Aunty". Am also trying to get some Christmas knitting finished.....might be some I.O.U's there. Still have to do up my Christmas letter.......think I will make it?? Is it better if I just ignore how many days I have left and just keep plugging away.....or should I get all organized and figure out how many days are left and figure out what I can do???...I think I will just live dangerously and wing it, leave the stress to the last day. Well off to knit......sure hope it warms up around here!!


Jody said...

Wow that is plenty of baking to do! Sorry to hear you guys are still having your cold snap. We have yet to get temps that cold here in Ontario.

Val said...

Pretty cat! Makes a warm and cozy photo for such a cold day. It's warming up here -13 tonight, as a Chinook is blowing in. Hope your part of the country soon warms up too.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Janet said...

I like the photo - I've labelled it "crazy cat with purple paws"

Janet in Dublin, cold (1 degree C) and sunny