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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Winter is back!!

After having nice weather and the snow and finally the ice disappearing we had snow last night so everything is white again, I see the evidence on the deck of our Mango cat playing at making snow balls, hubby said there were cat tracks all over the yard and barnyard, he must have been having a great time out there. Never seen a cat enjoy fresh fluffy snow like he does!!
After I finished knitting the cat socks I was left with a bit of yarn left over and I had a ball of black sock yarn with bits of gold in it so I made myself a pair of short socks, I knit the leg with the black and then I had weighted the cat yarn and knit the foot until I had knit up half the yarn then finished the sock with the black, after knitting the other sock to match I only had a tiny little ball of the sock yarn left, I have a pattern somewhere that I have made tiny cats, maybe I have enough cat yarn left to make one......where would that pattern be....? Then a elderly gentleman near where my sister lives had lost his house to a fire right around Christmas, she said he was upset as he had lost his 'real' wool socks so I knit him up a pair of "real" wool socks, just finished them up the other day and got them in the mail today, if he looks carefully he can probably still find bits of straw in them, if that isn't proof of 'real' wool I do not know what is!! Now I better get at another unfinished item and free up some of my knitting needles, I have a lot of needles and when I can not find the sizes I need and have to rob from on going projects...leaving notes on the item of what needles I was using....that is a sign I should get some things finished up. When you find you have three pair of slipper socks.....on should give yourself a good talking to!! Am off to knit....on a unfinished item....... Real Wool Socks.....Washed and drying!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Calico Socks Finished!!!

Finally here we are all finished, the first sock I finished no problem but the second sock I was almost cross eyed trying to decrease for the toe, with the color variation in the yarn could not see whether I had decreased or not on the rows and kept getting mixed up so had to rip it back and I took a piece of paper and wrote knit on one side and decrease on the other side so I could flip over when I finished a row and know what row was next, it worked and it was finished in no time. Now I have quite a bit of the yarn left over and I have a ball of black yarn the same fibre content as the cat yarn, it is a bit thinner so have doubled it....and this is the plan....I will knit the leg with the black yarn, then I have weighed the cat yarn and will knit the heel and foot until half of the left over yarn is hoping that it will be enough so only have the toe left and will knit the toe in black, if not will just finish the foot and toe in the black.....that is the plan....Have started knitting the leg....only doing a small cuff....should have rewound the ball on my ball winder as I am knitting from both ends to double the yarn....and I have a tangled mess so it is a slow go but almost finished the cuff and will start on the cat yarn and will go rewind the ball before I start the other sock!! Everyone is posting the birds at their feeders but for some reason we are not getting many birds, maybe because we have farms around us and everyone is hauling their grain to market lately so there is plenty of spilled grain around the bins. But what I did get a picture of is our resident fox in the front yard! usually he is in the llama/alpaca field catching mice, we see where he gets under the fence but here he is in the yard and my old seventeen old barn cats are out sunning themselves by the foxes eat cats?? Not taking any chances so all I had to do was open the door and he left the yard. He has a beautiful tail!