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Monday, November 2, 2009

Still Knitting...Running out of time!!

Am still knitting, redid the pattern for the hats with ear flaps and think I finally got it, did another one with the same stitches but a smaller needle and it was still too big!! So revamped the stitches and I think I got it...but forgot to take pictures, will do that tomorrow. Got four small ones finished. Then I just finished a scarf out of an acrylic loopy yarn, already made two red ones and now have to put the fringe on them, just started another scarf out of a cotton mix. Have an eye appointment for new glasses tomorrow and some groc. shopping so will take my knitting and knit every spare moment...can I push the groc. cart and knit at the same time?? The Christmas sale is three days this coming weekend.
Then RH took a load of goats to the auction, we are not going to bred anymore I will just keep a few of my pygmy pets, last Sat. and you will not believe this...he has been giving me flack about all these extra llamas and alpacas that have arrived at our house.....and what did he do...he phoned me as soon as he got to the auction...there was this little four month old llama someone brought in and he was all by himself....he was really cute and friendly and was well cared for and looked really healthy....should he buy him to put with our boy Paxton when we wean him so he has a friend his own age, well he is living at our house now, he came with his name Cusco ( do not know if I am spelling that correctly---remember the llama in movie) he is one of the herd now. Am so glad the weather has been nice lately. Well am off to knit a few more rows and then off to bed. Posting a picture of the flowers on my Mum plant, such a pretty pink....but I could swear it had purple flowers when I got it last spring... hmmm...wonder if I took a picture? And I almost forgot....I ordered my new laptop with windows seven!! Can not wait!!


Jody said...

What a pretty boy and his fibre looks nice too.

Shelley's Garden said...

You certainly have something to tease RH about now. The new family member is cute. Oh that one could sew/knit whilst groc. shopping, working at the computer....! Hope to see you this weekend at the sale.

Kathleen said...

Cusco looks so handsome!! Who can figure out the mind of a man??? You just have to laugh and enjoy both RH and Cusco!

Marlana said...

That llama is adorable!