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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Storming and then Storming!!

Was supposed to be our last market of the year today and tomorrow but woke up to wild wind and blowing snow, could not even see the barn so no market today and it has stormed all day. The wind was coming from the northwest all day so the windfence was protecting the house a bit but now tonight it changed to straight north so no protection from the windfence, house is creaking and moaning. The snow was piled up on the front step halfway up the door and RH cleaned it off when he came back from the barn tonight, I had taken Maxx out to do his business and could hardly stand up in the wind. Now I just looked out the door and the step is covered again and snow half way up the door again, if we open the door it will all fall into the house.I do not think there will be any getting on the roads tomorrow either unless the wind quits during the night and we see someone cleaning the road early tomorrow morning...chances of that happening are nil. Roads have been closed all around us.
On the happy side I love the colors of the yarn I dyed the other day, not the best picture with the poor light in here but it is not bad, just does not show the shine of the yarn. The color of the yarn was just a bit darker than the cone sitting with the skeins. It is llama that a fellow had spun up at a mill from his llamas a few years ago and he donated it to the llama club for a fund raiser, I bought the two cones and have been dyeing it up and making scarves with it, it is very fine, makes beautiful lacy scarves. Will tuck it away until after Christmas. Well here is hoping this bad weather goes away in the next day, the wind is making me a little crazy I tell you, is supposed to turn really cold for next week.


Jody said...

Don't you just luv winter...NOT!

Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

Wow, that's really coming down! Be careful and stay warm!

Shelley's Garden said...

Sorry you're missing the last markets. I headed to Okotoks to get groceries yesterday am and turned around at 164th -- rotten visibility -- like your barn! The bonus of the weather is getting some sewing done inside!

Val said...

Nasty weather. It blew over to us and stormed but I think you got way more snow than we did.
Lovely yarn colors!