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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot!! Hot Day!!

It was hot today, I think the hottest day this summer.....I think it is summer now...hard to tell as we have had more cool days then hot days, so went out and gave all the plants a drink and then we waited until we got enough shade on the north side of the garage so we could get the dog run up....yup finally have a proper dog run, after all these years of my complaining we have a dog run. RH phoned from the city the other day and said he found a dog run on sale...should he get it.....well....yes!! So that is what we did today with the resident dog supervising. Wonder if he realizes that it is for him.
Tried to fix the mistake in the fingerless mitts I was knitting but finally had to pull all out and start over....that is what I get for sleep knitting. Have a good three inches knit and so far so good, should be able to finish them tomorrow. Then the dye pots have got to come out as most of my dyed yarn sold at the market on Sat. Well off to bed, the thing I love about living up here in the hills is no matter how hot it is during the day it always cools down at night.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am back...hopefully!!

Have to get back to blogging, where has the time gone and I can say that the snow has disappeared and things have been growing, slowly but getting there. We have a couple of warm days and then we are back to cool and rainy. so excited to see pods forming on the peas in the garden and had our first salad of fresh lettuce. Just love the colors of the lettuce....hate to pick it. Am so glad to have the raised beds as the weeds have just gone crazy with all the rain we have had, I think I should have a machete to whack a path to my garden every morning.
We have listed our place for sale so all we have been doing is finishing up everything around the house and yard and now it is clean...clean...just in case someone wants to come and look at it. I just finish vacuuming and the cats have a tussle and there go the fur balls rolling around. Have been having health issues, had a bad reaction to some medication which brought the arthritis out full force so I can barely get around some days so other then trying to keep the dust out of the house and the weeds out of the garden have not accomplished much in the fibre department, but have to get the dye pots out and get busy, RH has hooked up a stove in the garage so I can dye out there, it will be so great as the burners are farther apart then the burners on my cooktop in the house so I can put two of my big pots on at once. Am just on my way out to get my sorting table up and get some llama and alpaca fibre sorted. Got the fibre back from the mill, they spun the black alpaca into yarn but said the llama I sent was a bit too long for them to spin so sent it back in roving, have almost got one bobbin spun up of the roving, can not wait to get another bobbin spun and get it plyed. In knitting I have a few pair of slipper sox knit and have been busy knitting wrist warmers out of llama, was supposed to have another pair finished for RH to take to the market this morning but eyes and fingers gave out last night, noticed a mistake way back and did not have the energy to fix it so just went to bed. The days of working all night are long gone. Have been enjoying my flowers, the iris I thought the mice had done in for me year before last appeared and made up for the lost year, my pink rose had died back as the snow appeared in Oct. last year while it was blooming so it is not that tall this year but has really been blooming. Well I better get out and give all my plants a drink before they think I have forgotten them, going to be a beautiful warm day today so better get out and enjoy it.