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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am still here!!

A friend just e-mailed me this morning to say I had not posted for a month.....have I been hibernating for a month? Is it spring yet? I was not going to crawl out of my cave until spring arrived, we have had so many days of fog so bad up here on the hill you could not see six inches in front of your face but this morning the sun is out and I broke my hibernation as I was sure it was spring and had a panic attack as I have not ordered my seeds yet. Plus when Feb. arrives I get this urge to spring clean and have been trying to suppress it. After two months of suffering with my sore foot I can finally say I can feel that it is a bit better and last week just spent two hours in the dentist chair getting seven fillings redone, you are really getting old when you out live your fillings. Now my biggest problem is getting the computers straightened out, finally got my new laptop and for a while it was so great, son Tom hooked up a router so I could use the laptop where ever in the day a blue screen came up saying windows had problems and I could not open anything took me a week but I finally got windows up and running but can not get it to communicate with the router so have to come into the computer room and unhook the net from the computer in here to hook mine up. As the weather has been so bad RH has been on the computer steady with getting his income tax all ready for the accountant and all the Llama Canada business attended to. Do not know about this windows 7 I tell you, now all our other programs are not compatible with windows 7!!!!!! We had just got a new printer fax scanner not that long is not recognized by windows seven!!! have finally got the printer to work but not the scanner or fax. Is going to take a while to sort all this out, really did not need this headache. Was just wondering the other day.....after I had been working at sorting out computers for half a day.....can a person claim temporary insanity if they commit a terrible act after fighting with a computer for hours??.....just wondering...When the weather and roads clear up son Tom will be out to get me back on the computer track.
Meanwhile thank-goodness I have my knitting to hold on to my sanity! Have not counted how many socks and slippers I have knit while in hibernation,just keep piling them up. Finally got off the sock run and knit a hat to felt, actually it was knit twice, I hate it when you buy a pattern for something.....the picture they show is so great but what you knit from the instructions they give you is not!! My goodness do not know what this hat would have fit, it was so big there was no way it would felt down enough for a human to wear!! So ripped it out and worked with another pattern, still looked really big but after I put it through the washer a couple of times it turned out great. Decided to knit swatches of the wool I wanted to make felted hats out of and try to figure out how much each color would felt before I started knitting which is what I should have done to begin with. What a difference in the felting of the different colors.....note to self....always do a felt swatch to find out if the item you are making is really going to felt or not. Making the swatches showed me that there was no way I should be using the dark brown to felt something, it felted very little and the green really felted in length as compared to the rest. Now will see if I can put all this knowledge into practice....right?? We will see!! Well better go get at the day and enjoy the sunshine we have not seen for weeks. Posting a picture of my jade plant, of all the years I have owned a jade plant I have never had it bloom!! This one had bloomed you think with all the dark and dreary days we have had it thought the end of the world was coming so it decided it better do something spectacular??