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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doing a bit of everything!!

What have I been busy with?? Have to think and try to catch up with myself. I had entered five things in the conference fibre show but only got four finished, the skein of handspun llama yarn was still damp as I tossed it into the bag as RH went out the door. Spent the weekend feeding and hugging my goats and watching for llama babies. Could not believe it when I got a first on all four items I entered, I did them in such a rush. I had also entered a couple of fleeces that had also been at two other shows, had not had much time to clean them up for the first shows so tossed them out on the sorting table and resorted them (could not believe what a terrible job I had done before) plus I brought back three fleeces from a friend to enter and resorted them too, they were from animals we had sold them. They got first and second and I got a third for one of mine, I lost points as this year they made a new rule about weight of a fleece and I had only put half of a fleece in because I did not have time to clean the whole thing up, never enough time!!
This llama baby watch thing is making me crazy as they are all overdue now, one llama had a still born baby, do not know what happened. Then old mummy alpaca had her baby, now I don't think she has ever had anything but boys but this year she gave us a little dark brown girl, got a picture of her but the wind was blowing so hard that day she could not even hold her ears up, she is so cute.
Got all the potatoes dug and at the moment they are spread out on the garage floor, job for today is to get them bagged and into the cold room. I took the carrots and beets out of the garden and have the carrots all washed up and bagged and in the fridge, that took a whole day as there must be forty pounds of them, now just have to get the beets made into pickles. RH brought home a case of plums from the market this weekend so have them pitted and in the freezer waiting for jam making day. Fall sales are coming up so in spare moments am knitting and spinning, was going to make a scarf out of a skein of llama/bamboo in a cream color but it just looked so blah, I had a small pkg of silk in fall colors so have spun that up and just plyed it and will knit that in with the cream color skein and that will brighten it up....I hope...anyway that is the plan. Well am off to get at the day, first thing on the list is getting the potatoes into the cold room...but where am I going to put the fleece that is stored in there.........


Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

Wow, you've been busy! And congratulations on the awards! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the show wins Betty - its always the way isnt it, the stuff you take time to prepare doesnt place and the stuff you think isnt that good gets a place ;)

loving the baby too ;)