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Sunday, May 18, 2008

From Winter to Summer!!

It seems just yesterday we were shoveling snow and all of a sudden it is hot and dry....what happened to spring?? They say it is supposed to rain in a few days and we really need it after days of heat and dry winds.Finished putting the garden in today so some moisture would be long as it is rain and not snow.. Will water the garden good tomorrow...that usually brings the rain. The babies have started to arrive, Boer Mommy had triplets the other day, last year she had quads, she was not feeling well before the kids were born but after a couple of shots of penicillin and some vitamins she seems to be feeling a lot better. Right now we take a bottle of milk out and feed who ever is hungry. Babies were small but are doing great. We only have four Boer and Boer cross does to kid this year and three Pygmies does, we have never had so few, the days of ninety-two kids, thirteen sets of triplets and two sets of quads, leaving me with twenty-two kids on the bottle are over!! Can not do it anymore!! on the knitting front I am working on my sixth pair of socks for the market stash, using some of the merino yarn I recently dyed and some of the alpaca/merino I got back from the mill. Am almost socked out so have to decide what to knit next. Maybe a few hats, found a cute hat pattern in a book my daughter gave me, it is made like a sweater and you wear it with the arms tied on top of your head. Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Snow Day or two again!!

Well we still are having snow days. Yesterday this is what we woke up to, you can barely see my yellow tulips peeking out of the heavy wet snow. Thank-goodness by noon most of the snow had disappeared with no harm to anything and it did not freeze last night. Today was cool but no snow but they are forecasting bad weather again the middle of next week, things are growing so slowly the season is going to be over before we know it. I have been sock knitting, there must be four or five pair stacked up ready to wash and block and put in the market basket. Have spent most of the week at the Dr. office with xrays etc. of my back as I have been having so much back pain lately. The Dr. asked me if I had been doing anything that caused it and I could not think of anything but it started just after Christmas. This morning as I woke up I remembered what probably started it......we had to load some goats into the stock trailer on Dec. 13th (I had written it in my blog so I looked it up) now RH just can not catch goats, all the running and almost getting them etc. etc. and pretty soon goats are flying all over the place so I went out to help him and was helping him push a goat in the trailer, he had it by the horns and I was pushing and he yanked it so fast I lost my balance and hit my head into his back and my neck went crack. I moved my head and neck and it felt o.k. so I forgot about it. Now we try not to be in the barnyard at the same time or if I have to be there I try to stay at least three feet away from him as he never notices I am there and I have had to have eye surgery because he ran into me and pushed my glasses into my eye, I had a bad bruised leg from him running at a goat I was holding for him etc. etc. It was funny but really it wasn't, when I went to the Dr's office after my eye surgery to renew a prescription for eye drops there was a student Dr. in the office and he read my chart and said what happened to your eye and I told him about RH running into me and he looked like he was going to report it to the authorities as abuse and I said it wasn't on purpose, if it had been on purpose you would have had two patients sitting in front of you.......he did not have a sense of humor. Hope everyone has a great Mothers Day tomorrow and spring arrives soon....soon....soon....