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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finally in the new House!!

Well we are in the house finally and so glad as the weather has really turned cold, it was getting a little uncomfortable in the little holiday trailer. They had scheduled the basement to be finished and the new house moved out the end of September.......well that did not happen...we discovered we had the contractor from not know where he found some of the guys he sent out to do the work, when they came to work, when they ever finished anything...this is the fourth house we have built and this was the simplest basement and I have never seen such a mess...the only way we finally got it finished so the house could be moved on was to not pay him any more money until things were done. I could write a book on the problems we had with him. This is the house arriving in the yard.

And here it is being moved onto the foundation

And here it sits, will look better when we get the deck built and the stone down around the basement windows but now winter is here that will have to wait until spring, RH built a temporary step up to the back door and that is what we will use for the winter. Right now we are finishing the barn for the llama and alpaca girls and have to pull the shelter we had for them over for the males.
Here we are putting the trusses on the barn, son Tom and Grandson Zach came out to help on a weekend.
I will have to get out and get some new pictures as we have it all sheeted in and ready to put the metal roofing and siding on it. Hoping we get some nice weather so we can finish it, the girls have already moved in, we should have had it finished but spent so much time trying to get the house stuff finished. Now we are in the house we are moving our furniture home from storage...we moved from a large house to this little house and we are trying to fit things in..not easy. Plus...where are all my plants going to live...right now they are crowded into the rooms we were going to use as a spare bedroom and a T.V. computer room.  Will work it out somehow!! Well am off to bed, blogger is not co-operating tonight and I am getting tired of fighting with it.