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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Having a Snow Day!!

It had warmed up and most of the snow was gone, we woke up to this softly falling snow this morning and it is very soft looking out there. The knitting is slowly winding down, decided I would not knit a stitch yesterday and it was very hard not to pick up the needles last night but I managed...kept falling asleep.
This how I knit!! I keep telling her she is going to lose an eye one day because of the needles but it does not worry her!! Well off to get at the day, today will be a baking day and then putting up the Christmas tree...and of course a bit of knitting.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

What happened to November!!

Well what happened to November!! Can not believe it is December already and I better start believing and start looking at the calender and get my act together and put the knitting needles down...if I can...think they are stuck to my fingers. Last Christmas market this weekend and am on my last knitting order for a customer. So glad it is the last market for the year, the markets have been so good this year we are selling out of most of our items, then have to knit like mad to have something for the next market. Friend Gabie and I have been knitting ourselves sick...and we are so far gone with the knitting addiction we can not stop, last market when I called and asked if she was knitting as everything was gone again she said she was done!! no more knitting...I said I am more knitting for markets this year! Well that lasted at least fifteen minutes...she even ran out of yarn and we had to get some to her....she sent a bag of items she knit, I had back orders for four pair of socks and three pair of slippers but I did get ten headband/cowls knit up, thank-goodness I have yarn so something is on the table. sister had this great idea for the grand and great grandchildren for Christmas...our mother had passed away in Feb. and she thought it would be great to knit these angel ornaments and put a piece of my mothers jewelry on each one and give the angels to the grandchildren for Christmas....I remember her handing these kits to me and our younger sister in the summer and we said o.k. and tucked them actually forgetting about them..and then finding the kit a few weeks ago and thinking I better get started on these angels...looked at the pattern and thought you got to be kidding...just the body has thirty-one rows and they are all different...and the kit is for nine angels....I e-mailed the sisters and said are you girls working on the angels? Sister who had this great idea and had got the kits for us...said she had tried one and it is not too bad....younger sister..who can plain knit...a bit..said she would get at hers but could not remember how to purl...I said get some scrap yarn and your needles and get in front of the computer and hook into youtube and get started... got to be kidding! Well I started an angel...what a complicated pattern....could not get past row five..always had the wrong amount of stitches left...but I got it figured out finally and worked away... got the nine body parts done and knit the the wings...eighteen is younger sister ever going to get this done. Finally got my nine knit and the kit did not have enough pipe cleaners to finish the nine angels...hmmm...where had I stashed this kit..maybe some fell out. So went looking around...guess what I found..another kit for nine more angels!! You have to be kidding...when I talked to sister who's great idea this was..she said yes..her and I had two kits to knit up and younger sister had one kit...o.k..started knit angels again...e-mailed younger sister..said to her... remember when I said not to use bad language while knitting the angels...I take that back! Finally sister whose great idea this was..who had got the angel kits...and who told us to suck it up and get knitting when we complained...was not doing so well with her angels either...she e-mailed me and said if she ever has a great idea like this again..... So got my eighteen angels knit and put together and tucked in a box and mailed to the sister (she is working non-stop on her angels this weekend) sister who could not figure out how to purl who has been watching youtube knitting video's non-stop and still has not got past the fifth row...she has this idea that she will just knit something and then is going to glue feathers all over it.....I think between other sister and I there will be enough angels. I might do a couple for myself..once they are knit and together they are nice.
Just talked to younger sister yesterday...I said we would have enough without her nine angels...but I did suggest....that the one she was working on...with all the glued feathers and cover her knitting mistakes...would make a great Christmas gift...for our sister.....Better go get at my knitting.....