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Friday, November 27, 2009

For some reason my colors are not coming out on my yarn, it looks so blah in the pictures. Even Muggles tried to save the day, it was a bit better but still not the correct colors so you will have to use your imagination, the pink is actually a deep burgundy with lighter tones, the blue greens are a lot brighter. Winter light just does not bring out colors like spring and summer light So this is a few of the color runs I did the last couple of weeks. Spent the afternoon skeining yarn, finished a pair of socks and put a fringe on a scarf I had knit and now it is already one-thirty in the morning so better get myself to bed. have a Dr. appointment tomorrow plus my new glasses are ready so can pick them up. Then Saturday we have a Christmas Market that goes from ten in the morning to eight at night and Sunday is our Llama Clubs Christmas party, for me having a Christmas Party in Dec. is a little weird (specially with no snow on the ground) but I guess all facilities are booked up for December. Then next weekend is our last market of the year. Has been a busy year.

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