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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snow and More Snow!!

The snow has never left and I am tired of winter already!!! Mr weatherman says it is supposed to warm up and the snow disappear and I sure hope he is right. We have not had anymore llama babies, either they are not preg. and are just fat and grumpy or are waiting until warm weather. Got a picture of the little baby alpaca down in the field with her Mom, snow does not seem to bother her at all, she races around the field having a great time. The little white llama races around too but could not find her in the field as she blends in with the snow. I brought my Mum plant in as it was full of buds and it is living under my light I use when I am knitting and the buds are starting to open up, it was a plant my husband brought home for me in April not noticing that all the flowers were bent over and dying (he does not notice these things) so I trimmed it up and put it outside when the weather warmed up, what a surprise for it to flower, hopefully all the buds will bloom.
We had our Thanksgiving on Sunday and all the kids and Grandsons were out for dinner, only one missing was youngest son who works and lives in northern Alberta, he will be home this weekend for a visit.
Guild sale coming up so have been spinning and knitting, started the scarf with the silk I spun knit with the llama yarn, really is not knitting up like I thought it would but am not going to rip it back, it is the one row scarf pattern and I remember thinking the same thing when I knit the red scarf and when I finished it and blocked it, it turned out great. The llama yarn was some a friend had spun at a mill and it does not have much twist in it, I should have put it through the spinning wheel and put a bit more twist in it. I find the mills often do not put enough twist in llama yarn. Have been cleaning and carding more of the llama like I spun for the conference so I have enough to make a scarf, have a bit more to clean and card and then can get it spun up. Am going to run out of time as I also wanted to card some of the llama and alpaca fibre I had washed and dehaired at the mill this spring and better get the dye pots going. Never enough time and this snow does not help...had to take some time out to be depressed.....need some sun to get motivated.....right??


Jody said...

What great pics! How I miss Alberta:) Here in Ontario we have had a few hard frosts but no snow thank heavens!

Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

Brrr! It looks cold, but the pictures are beautiful!

Beverly said...

Will you get a close up of the babies? I have never seen one before and it looks adorable!!! Your pictures make me cold though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty - sorry to hear about the snow still hanging around :( - sadly still very wet and cold here too - loving the baby pics - so cute to see them out there in the fields playing - take care

val xx
p.s - sorry i am signed in on the hsks blog tonight so my username is different ;)