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Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally Back to the Dyepots

Finally got the dye pot going again the other day. Thought I would try the dip dyeing where you dye one half of the skein one color and then turn it around and dye the the other half. It would have been faster to use two pots and put half the skein in one pot and the other half in another pot but I wanted to do more than one skein at a time, this way I did four skeins, I think I could do eight skeins if I had something I could put above the pot so the skeins could just hang down instead of hanging over the side of the pot. I found that leaving them hang over the side of the pot dried out the undyed half of the skein so when the blue half was ready to take out I had to squeeze the water out and blot the dyed end so it would not drip onto the stove top and rewet the undyed half. I really need to rig up something to hang the skeins from over the pot......but then I would have to still squeeze out the water from the dyed end and blot it......hmmm......have to think more on this, might be easier to do the two pot thing, if I can fit two big pots side by side on the stove. Wanted the colors to be darker so mixed some black in with the red and blue dye but it did not get as dark as I wanted so next time will have to add a bit more black. O.K. am off to give this another try.....Wish me luck!!


Jody said...

Good luck:)

Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

I sometimes put several glass jars on a rack in the bottom of an electric roaster I use only for dyeing yarn, each with a different color, then lay a little section of the skein in each jar. The colors are sometimes lighter between the jars, and sometimes they blend. Anyway, good luck! :)

valli said...

Hiya Betty - gosh youve been busy - loving the hats, great to hear youve got a laptop! sorry to hear about the passing of Asia - and loving the dyeing :) - ive been so busy with work and study no time to do anything - not long now till xmas! ok chat to you soon.

Laughingrat said...

Really pretty results! I second the glass jar idea.