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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hello to the new girl on the farm! We have to stop calling her the new girl and give her a name. People we got her from said she did not have a name......poor thing. A couple of weeks ago we got a phone call, people were looking for someone to come and get a llama, she had been a guard for some sheep and goats and they were gone and the place was up for sale. RH went over to see her and talk to the people and to see what was there to get her in to confine her so he could catch her, she was not wild but very leary of strangers and confused as all her friends were no longer there. We decided the best way to go about things were to bring some grain over and slowly get her into a corral area that was there. RH went over a couple times a day to put a bit of grain in a dish for her, she would wait until he was driving away then she would eat the grain, after few days she finally went in to the corral after he put the grain in the dish and he closed the gate....and she promptly jumped over the corral...ok back to thinking of another plan..the corral was not that high and llamas can really jump if they want to. The next plan was to take over some of our higher panels and make the corral higher so RH took the stock trailer and some panels over. The next week he would go over when he could and try to entice her in with a bit of grain and there was no way she would go in until he left.RH brought the stock trailer home, then we had rainy weather for a few days and he did not get over, then went back and the same way could he get her in so finally phoned the people and said he was going to have to leave it and if they could get her in to call us and he would go over and get her, he said he would take a small pail of grain over and leave it for them to use and they said o.k. they would work at it. So off he went to deliver the she had not had her treat for a few days because of the rain and when he put some in her dish....she went into the corral he made with the panels but before he could close the gate she got out, so he started to walk away.....and she went back in...and he got the gate shut. Now this has to be a miracle I tell you!! RH phoned all excited and said he had her and was on the way home to get the truck and trailer, he came home and got the stock trailer, said his friend was puttering down by his garage so he was going to stop and see if he would go along with him in case he needed help loading her. RH said he backed the trailer up and was getting things secured and his friend said....she is going to jump in the trailer by herself...and that is what she did! And here she is! We kept her separate from the others so they could get used to her being here and after a couple of days she was let out with the rest. It took a few days of settling the pecking order, our older female llama was more then miffed and would not let the new llama into the barn where we have a large fan going where they go in and cool off, but after a couple of days everything was fine and she is one of the herd! She is a nice calm girl and I think she is happy to have llama a name for her...

Sunday, August 7, 2016


I had an email from a friend the other day and she was wanting to know what retirement was as she was supposed to be retired and she was so busy she could not find time to do the things she wanted to do. I was coming back from the garden and this was what I found on the back step. I sent her this picture and titled it " This is retirement" These are our barn cats that are in retirement from being barn cats....they are now in the garage sleeping on fluffy pillows and if it is warm and the sun is out they meander over to the back deck and snooze in the sun. They are over sixteen years old so they have earned it.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Misplaced Knitting!!

This is a test blog to see if It will post, I have been trying to post a blog for ages and they end up in outer space some where!! The internet provider we had was taken over by another company and it has been ages since I have been able to download pictures from my cameras and iphone. The new provider came out a few days ago and put up a new dish for us and I have my pictures downloaded!! So here we go!!! I do not know how long it has been since I started this scarf, can not find the picture where I blogged about swatches to decide whether I wanted to knit this pattern in the multicolored yarn or a yarn of one color. I decided to go with the multicolored yarn and am glad I did, love the way the yarn is knitting up. The pattern is just one row repeated and can not remember where I found the pattern, I thought wow...only one row to remember...this should be easy.....well it was not that easy, for some reason just could not remember the stitches so was hard to knit on it when there were distractions around so it was always tucked away to knit on something else. Just found it again and decided I have to get it finished and surprise....not having a problem remembering the pattern so have been knitting away. Now the it long enough or should I just knit until the end of the yarn? I has been so long....that I got the yarn from Knit Picks..O.K. just remembered I might have another skein of the yarn tucked away, just went to check and it is Knit Picks and it is a sock yarn alpaca/merino/nylon.I am going to hit post...and see where this goes.....if you are reading it...ya! It is working!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Gardening! Everything is Blooming

 Poppies are blooming, everything is so early this year! It is so hot out that the flowers just last a day so have to be out early in the morning to enjoy them and get a quick picture. Love them so much wish they would stay around longer! For my birthday I got a bird bath! I looked all last year and looked this spring but nothing caught my eye. I needed some thing that was heavy enough so the winds we get would not topple it over and a lot were two piece and I was afraid that Mango the young cat who adopted us would not jump up and dump the top off. Then when I was about to give it was!! The perfect bird bath! They only had one! I said to RH hurry in and get someone to wait on us and I am standing guard over this bird bath! No one came to fight me over it before it was paid for and placed in the car. It is solid concrete so it will not blow down or be toppled by an energetic happy cat.
   I ( whispering this..) think I have discovered how to move my pictures into blogger. I have been so frustrated for so is hoping. All we have been doing is clearing out the gardens of weeds and more weeds! with the mild winter we had I am sure every weed seed grew!! Now it is so hot.....31C today all I do is water...and then water, getting up early in the morning to do anything in the garden. And everything is starting to bloom and bloom and bloom!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dog Yarn Sweater Continued......

I will not get into what it has taken me to figure out how to get an imagine inserted into this blog......this time I have written down the detailed instructions. Now to remember where I left off on my knitting! O.K. swatches worked and I had one front knit and it matched the measurements, so on to the other front matching up patterns, so far so good and on to the back making sure the patterns were matching up to the front. Then it was on to the sleeves, she wanted the cuffs long enough to roll down to cover her hands if she wanted. Now this is where I got into trouble with some of the yarn being thicker in some places and thinner than others when I was knitting the raglan portion of the sleeve and the being creative in adding and subtracting rows and stitches, but finally got them the same size and it was at this time my allergy's kicked in......eyes and nose running...throat bothering me....and me starting to feel a little crazy and antihistamines not doing much good.......what am I to do?? I have to finish it. So on to the collar and I thought that should be pattern....just plain was not simple...shaping...shaping...every row was different. Finally had all the pieces knit...and I had to just tuck it away for a while and have a time out.
   Finally I had to bring it back out and get at it, I could not use the yarn I knit with to sew it up as I could not pull the yarn through the knit pieces so went through my stash and found a cone of llama yarn, mill spun, that was close to the color and blended in nicely. But first I had to knit a row of knitting down both fronts to sew the zipper in, if the pattern had been knit in the same yarn as the main body of the sweater I would not have need to do that but the yarn we used for the patterns was softer and would not hold up with the opening and closing of the zipper. So using the dog hair yarn and a crochet hook I pulled stitches through putting them on a knitting needle, I knit one row, then cast off the stitches leaving a strong area to sew the zipper in. Then off to sew all the pieces together...which took a couple of days, stitching the zipper in by hand......what can I is better off if I do not say anything except I got it done. O.K.......sweater is sewn it needs to be lined because the yarn is 100 percent dog hair which as no memory like wool will really stretch out of shape. I just happened to have some my stash ( I have a stash of everything) I had made paper patterns of all the knit pieces before I had sewn the sweater up. I cut  the lining pieces out of a scrap fabric so she could try it on for size, did some alternations to the pattern and made up the lining. Then the job of sewing the lining into the hand.
And here is the sweater all finished! Dog owner came to get the sweater and I said wear it for a bit
and see if there are any problems and I have not heard from her. Am hoping that is a good sign....

Friday, May 20, 2016

The pictures I could not put on the DOG HAIR SWEATER post.....

You would not believe how much time! Loss of brain cells it has taken to get these two pictures into the blog. But I did find some thing new out......This is supposed to be the new improved Blogger?? But by all the complaints I have come across from people....there are no happy people! And to top that off....they want you to import your pictures from Picasa.......which I also in the process of shutting they want you to use Google's photo save whatever...which I subscribed to...and now will not let me in...have to go in and find out what people are saying about that!! Anyway I have managed to download two photos, where they are going to be on the page who knows! And how I managed that I really do not know, can I do it again? Do not know!! I tried to download the original picture she gave me of what she wanted but could not get it to download...will try to figure that one out another day. I have the picture of my starting swatch to see if the yarn we were going to put with the handspun dog yarn was going to work and it looked like it would work. Now the job was getting patterns for the sweater charted! She is so small that the patterns I had or could find online did not go that small so finally found a site where I could download blank sweater charts and they had a small size. There were going to be patterns that had to match up on back and fronts and sleeves, remembering that the handspun was thick and thin and thank-goodness after being knit it formed a halo looking like fur so you could not see the rows and stitches clearly because in order to match the patterns there was some creative increases and decreases being made. The yarn shed so much in being knit that I was covered and everything in the house was covered with dog hair. I have so many allergies but so far was doing o.k. and to my amazement what I had charted and knit was coming out to the right size. I was repeating to myself....I am never touching dog hair again unless it is on a live dog!! The next saga in the making of the Dog Yarn Sweater will be continued when I can recharge my brain cells and get more pictures downloaded!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Troubles! Troubles1

Well I was speaking too soon when I said I could post pictures now........many brain cells have been lost....something is going on with blogger and I can not pin it down...except it has not been working and as if that wasn't enough....our internet has been getting slower.... and slower... until we could not open anything. They would not talk to me because my name is not on the is only RH that they will listen to and he will not get his butt in gear and call them....until he could not download book to his reader from the library plus I was getting threatening....if only I thought of hiding his reader until he called them (have to remember that for next time) Well he finally called them and found out our internet provider had been taken over by another company which we did not realize, the original provider still had our old address and our e-mail address although it has stayed the same...they had not written it down properly. As we had not paid for our service for two months they had not totally shut us down they put us on the back burner so while still connected we could not download anything. So RH said he paid them and it would be working in a few minutes and they had emailed us so we could get our password etc etc sorted out and off he went to do whatever and he would not be home until late. The e-mail came up...but I could not open it because they had not fixed the problem....I finally called them...and they would not talk to me...of course....but I did say plenty...and RH could not call them from his cell phone....he had to call them from the house phone. They said he could call them when he got home as they are open 24 hours.So finally RH came home and called them (I said make sure my name is also on the contract too!!!!) So he is on the phone and I have to operate the computer....with my sanity hanging on by a string.....while the guy that controls our internet...can not get that we can not open up the emails he is sending. Finally it got through and I got the password whatever straightened out, but internet was not better. Finally the next morning it was working...while not great...I could download emails and open some sites. You do not realize how you depend on your computer working because you do all your banking and paying bills online these days.When you live out of town you have no choice of internet have to take what is there.So that is my rant!! Now to get blogger working or find another site to host my blog!! So away I go and hope to get another blog post written...and be able to post goes....