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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Winter is back!!

After having nice weather and the snow and finally the ice disappearing we had snow last night so everything is white again, I see the evidence on the deck of our Mango cat playing at making snow balls, hubby said there were cat tracks all over the yard and barnyard, he must have been having a great time out there. Never seen a cat enjoy fresh fluffy snow like he does!!
After I finished knitting the cat socks I was left with a bit of yarn left over and I had a ball of black sock yarn with bits of gold in it so I made myself a pair of short socks, I knit the leg with the black and then I had weighted the cat yarn and knit the foot until I had knit up half the yarn then finished the sock with the black, after knitting the other sock to match I only had a tiny little ball of the sock yarn left, I have a pattern somewhere that I have made tiny cats, maybe I have enough cat yarn left to make one......where would that pattern be....? Then a elderly gentleman near where my sister lives had lost his house to a fire right around Christmas, she said he was upset as he had lost his 'real' wool socks so I knit him up a pair of "real" wool socks, just finished them up the other day and got them in the mail today, if he looks carefully he can probably still find bits of straw in them, if that isn't proof of 'real' wool I do not know what is!! Now I better get at another unfinished item and free up some of my knitting needles, I have a lot of needles and when I can not find the sizes I need and have to rob from on going projects...leaving notes on the item of what needles I was using....that is a sign I should get some things finished up. When you find you have three pair of slipper socks.....on should give yourself a good talking to!! Am off to knit....on a unfinished item....... Real Wool Socks.....Washed and drying!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Calico Socks Finished!!!

Finally here we are all finished, the first sock I finished no problem but the second sock I was almost cross eyed trying to decrease for the toe, with the color variation in the yarn could not see whether I had decreased or not on the rows and kept getting mixed up so had to rip it back and I took a piece of paper and wrote knit on one side and decrease on the other side so I could flip over when I finished a row and know what row was next, it worked and it was finished in no time. Now I have quite a bit of the yarn left over and I have a ball of black yarn the same fibre content as the cat yarn, it is a bit thinner so have doubled it....and this is the plan....I will knit the leg with the black yarn, then I have weighed the cat yarn and will knit the heel and foot until half of the left over yarn is hoping that it will be enough so only have the toe left and will knit the toe in black, if not will just finish the foot and toe in the black.....that is the plan....Have started knitting the leg....only doing a small cuff....should have rewound the ball on my ball winder as I am knitting from both ends to double the yarn....and I have a tangled mess so it is a slow go but almost finished the cuff and will start on the cat yarn and will go rewind the ball before I start the other sock!! Everyone is posting the birds at their feeders but for some reason we are not getting many birds, maybe because we have farms around us and everyone is hauling their grain to market lately so there is plenty of spilled grain around the bins. But what I did get a picture of is our resident fox in the front yard! usually he is in the llama/alpaca field catching mice, we see where he gets under the fence but here he is in the yard and my old seventeen old barn cats are out sunning themselves by the foxes eat cats?? Not taking any chances so all I had to do was open the door and he left the yard. He has a beautiful tail!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Calico Cat Socks

Here is the process on my Calico Cat socks! A lot of things I should have done differently with these should have searched around and found my trusty sock pattern that I usually use, Even though I used the size needles this pattern asked for and actually knit a swatch they are a little wide in the foot...but only a little....I think when I wash and block them they will be o.k. I did change the size of the needles for the cuff of the sock as I wanted it tighter but should have used that size for the foot too.The yarn is an eight ply....eight ply! how can they spin such a fine strand? eight not think I like knitting with the eight ply...have found a couple of spots in my knitting where one strand on a stitch did not get picked up...but they are my socks so do not really care but if I was knitting them to sell I would have gone back and reknit the stitch. Crazy pattern of colors when knit up, could make a person dizzy when knitting but you could make mistakes and never notice it. So almost finished the other sock. Going to knit a few more pair of socks while I am on a sock roll but will dig out my regular pattern. But really what I should do is find some unfinished projects to finish up....right... The sun was shining yesterday and thought I would take my camera and take some pictures outside....but nothing and no one wanted their pictures taken....the llamas and alpacas were out in the field enjoying the nice weather munching here and there and would not even lift their heads up to look at me....they have been hiding out in the barns with the cold weather we had so were enjoying the warm sunny day.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Frosty Mornings and Back to Knitting.....

After having such cold snowy weather the winds came in and temps came up and a lot of our snow has disappeared, have been getting fog at night and this is what we wake up to in the morning....frosty sparkly trees!!. Now today we have clear sky and the temp is warmer. In the cold weather we could not open the back door...the locks were frozen...the door is on the north side of the house, one year I had all the doors freeze up and could not get out of the house...too scary! For some reason this year it is only the back door, now we need a storm door. RH searched around and found a storm door that was not mostly glass that would fit, brought it home but had to wait until warmer weather to install it. With the warmer weather we have it installed so hopefully when...(if) we get really cold weather the door will not freeze up. So we put the storm door in.....bought a small electric snow blower to remove the snow from the a block heater installed on the we are prepared... we will not get any more freezing weather this year.... Have not been knitting since before Christmas but finally brought my needles out and a skein of yarn my daughter gave me last Christmas, it is an Ancient Arts yarn 80% superwash merino/20% nylon....I call it my cat yarn, the color is taking from a cat picture and named Calico Cat. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this yarn are donated by Ancient Arts to charities benefiting stray and abandoned cats. Decided I would knit myself some socks! So here it is...interesting how the colors are knitting up.
Last post I wrote I had downloaded the Blogo app so I could post to my blog and it worked great....for one I could not post through blogo error 401 came up...whatever in the ***** that is!! I am sure the powers that be are trying to fry my brain!!! But....But...I went back to original blogger and played around and something must have changed as now I can post pictures in my blog...could not believe it!! almost fell off my chair! Have to have a chat with grandson and see what this error 401 is.....I did look into it and it looks like a common problem.....but when it said there was an app called error401 that I needed to download.....I thought...better check this out before downloading....just incase....

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hope this solves the problem!!!

It has been ages since I have been able to get a blog post up and am hoping that this is going to work. I investigated online for help in blogging in blogger on a mac computer and being able to post pictures and I found a free app called Blogo that hopefully has solved my problems of posting a blog, so far it looks great….but I have to learn different ways of doing things. This is a test blog….we will see what happens.

Have taken most of the Christmas decorations down and packed them away until next year….I say most of them because just look at this smug little guy….he was raising such a fuss about getting into his storage box to be tucked away that I said…O.K… can hang around until the snow is gone and I see green grass….only because you are so cute!! So he is hanging out with his happy little face! Here goes am going to hit publish…….

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Where Has The Time Gone!

It has taken me a while but hopefully I am back to blogging!!! Here is the picture of the rose grey yarn plied into skeins, still have not decided what I want to knit out of it. I was almost to the point the other day of going out in the yard digging a deep hole and putting all the computers and associated items in it and trying to get my sanity back!!We had the session with our internet provider and thought finally we would be on track.......but no....our router crapped out! Now this house was a ready built and we moved to this place and they had all the wiring for what ever run up into the back closet which has no light in it so we were always moving the clothes handling a flashlight etc etc when we had a problem, I have been asking ever since we moved into the house if we could just add on some extra cord and move the router out onto a cabinet right beside the closet.....the other person that lives here said it could not be done...asked older son....and he said you would need an electrical outlet near...I said there is one. So now it has been a few more years and we need a new router. So the other person that lives here went to buy a new router and comes home with the router....and wire and electrical box and a box to run the wire for the connection for the router and he has this great idea that he can move the router out to the cabinet. So it took him a day to that all done and then it came time to get all the computers..e reader...ipad and my iphone...printer..all to recognize the new router and we would be back in business. Should have waited until the next day when the other person that lives here was away....but no we would hook things up now starting with his computer (and his help)he pushes buttons without thinking etc.etc. Finally I left him to do his own thing and I got my computer up and running, got my ipad up and running and got my iphone up and running and got his ereader up and running and told him to just back away and let his computer have a rest. My brain has never been so tired. The next day he had to be off to town so I calmly sat down to his computer and got it running with the router. When the other person that lives here has computer problems I tell him to pack up his computer and take it to his Grandson. I sent a message to said Grandson......Brendan...this is your Grandmother speaking...I am giving you your Grandfather for all his computer needs.... Now with a new router...all the setting have been changed on all the computers etc and some programs are not working as they should so it is a headache finding what has changed so it can be changed back. My computer would not recognize my cameras or my iphone so could not download pictures....then I managed to download them and now can not do anything with the pictures. So while the other person who lives here is not home....I am using his computer because it will let me move pictures into my not tell him I am using his computer...because if he has a will be my fault. The picture of the tomatoes is the last of the tomatoes from the greenhouse, greenhouse has been shut down for the winter and I have got them all made up into sauce and in the freezer. They were so yummy all summer but I was glad to see the end of them finally.But now will start grumbling about having to eat store bought tomatoes.....

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Spinning and Knitting!!

It has been a while since I have spun on my spinning wheel because of back and hip problems but had processed a rose/grey alpaca fleece and had bags of roving on sale on our market table but no one interested in grey, love the rose grey and it is hard to find, I had bought it off a friend...wish I had the animal, decided I would try to spin it myself and would limit myself to only spinning for about thirty minutes at a time. So that is what I have done and it is working out. I thought I would spin a 100grm skein for display but love!! spinning this fleece and have gotten carried away and it will be a 200grm skein, it is so soft and spinning so easy. So far I have one bobbin full and am working on another one.
Have been knitting wrist warmers for the market table but after the last few colder days RH said last Sat. guys were looking at wrist warmers for themselves, so better go have a look at my yarn stash and find something that would work for guys, it has to be sturdier than what I have been using.
This rose just keeps bouncing back after every wind/rain storm we have had, I just finished cutting off all her damaged flowers from the last storm and here she is full of flowers again!!