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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Shawl is Finished!!

I can not believe it has been a month since I have posted.....the shawl is finished being knit! it has been washed and blocked and dried and here it is!!
I am amazed after the spinning and can the colors be so even across the shawl!! It must be magic!! the pattern is so easy to knit and I am obsessed found a couple of balls of Noro yarn that daughter gave me last Christmas which was tucked away trying to decide what to be....a away I went again knitting like a maniac....could not put it down....always had to see how the next color came out. Then there was the panic of...o.k. I had started the first ball from the outside of the ball and I seem to remember something about started the second ball so the colors would flow.....was it the inside of the ball or continue from the myself all worked up....phoned daughter...she could not remember....(she takes after her father) she said she gave me a Noro magazine the same time she gave me the off to search for the magazine.....where.....where...went through everything and could not find disappointed with went to put away all the stuff I had unearthed while in my frantic search....and here it was...used as a bookmark in another magazine and the big disappointment....there was no mention in the whole magazine on this particular yarn but found the website for Noro and typed in the yarn I was using......the yarn has been decided I would rely on common sense and I decided to just go with starting the second ball from the outside too. And look at what she looks like...all knit up...washed and blocked and dried!! She is a beauty!
So now am trying not to have a panic attack because going through my large stash of yarn and roving am finding nothing that can compete with these two shawls...I do have some naked I guess the dye pots have to come out....or should I go over and see what daughter has in her stash.....meanwhile the weeds are growing in my garden...never enough time...