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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never enough time in a day...or a week!!

Trying to remember where I was last post, time just keeps getting away from me and it does not help that RH volunteered to be President of Llama Canada after we discussed he was not going to be!! So he is on the computer whenever he can, returning calls etc. I said to him that I was going to order myself a laptop...he said good idea...then he could take it with him when he goes to the conference...I said EXCUSE ME it will be MINE, why in the hell did he think I was getting my own computer!! Things are being accidentally erased etc. etc. He is not that great on the computer and I seem to be always rescuing him.
I think I was knitting on the scarf that was a cream color llama yarn and had spun the silk to knit with it to perk it up...well it was not working so ripped it out. The llama skein was spun so loose at the mill that it just had no life to it so I replyed it and set it and I think it is going to look better. had to set it aside to get my stuff ready for the guild sale last Sat. Finished another llama scarf in a natural brown color and then got the dye pots out and got twenty skeins of Merino wool dyed up and a few of the knitted tubes that you unravel to knit something from. Took my stuff in Friday night as they were setting things up, was such a beautiful balmy calm evening that you hated to go inside. Then it was up early Sat. morning to get in to the sale, it takes me over an hour to get there from where I live here in the hills. Well when I got up it was windy and some snow was coming down and I thought as the weatherman had said we would just get a few showers on the weekend we were probably just having our own weather thing like we usually do and away I went, the snow had stopped when I got down to town so that was good and I decided to take the back roads instead of the highway.....well!! all of a sudden I was in a snowstorm, heavy wet snow!! but I was not turning back, I was going to be at the sale and kept going, glad I was on the back road and not the highway with slush flying all over, got to the highway down into B.D. and then onto the back road to the hall where the sale was thinking all the time, everyone went to so much work and there will not be anyone at the sale, well I could not believe my eyes when I drove up....I could not even park near the hall as there were so many cars there all ready!! They do not open the doors until ten but had all these people standing out in the snow at nine-thirty so they let them in, when I got in the hall it was wall to wall people. I sat and knit and talked..and then talked some more, this last year I have not been able to get to any of the meetings so it was so great to see old friends and meet some new ones. By the time it was ready to pack up and leave for home the snow had stopped and the roads were clear again. we had a couple of days of dry weather and I did manage to get a couple pictures of the baby llama...I think I am going to call her Blossom, at first she did not want her picture taken, was not co-operating at all, I took a few pictures and then the camera said the memory card was full!! I was so upset!! It was if she knew as there she was standing cute as could be. When I downloaded the pictures I found that a couple I had taken were not too bad. Now have to get busy on items for the Christmas sale in a week and a half, have been knitting off a couple of tubes I had dyed and made four hats so far, forgot to take pictures, will do that tomorrow. Last night we had another storm blow in and the ground is covered with snow again, thank-goodness it is not that cold, I am still hoping for a stretch of Indian you think there is a chance?? I can always hope....right??


Jody said...

Ugh...I dread the thought of winter. I only appreciate it at Christmas. When I lived in Holland I truly missed my white Christmas!!
Your scarf is beautiful. I luv the fawn with silk. It just goes together current lace spinning project is tussah silk with fawn cria alpaca. I can't tell which one is the softest.

Beverly said...

That's it! I am driving to Canada to hug that baby llama! Not really...but I wish I could.

valli said...

Hi Betty - love blossoms pics - too cute! and no chance of an indian summer for you - it was 30c here yesterday woohoo!