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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blue Sweater is Finished

I have been having so much trouble with my computer do not know whether this will post. Thought I would use the big computer but something has been going on with it too, the program I download pictures on has decided it does not live there anymore so here I am back to the laptop which is letting me download pictures but the program must have upgraded itself so have to try to figure out how everything works again...why...why!! To make me crazy I think!!
   Anyway not a lot being accomplish in the fibre business, we are going to start shearing when the weather warms up, we are getting much needed moisture but now it is enough...too dark and dreary today and supposed to last all week. Planted a few seeds in the house but it is nerve wracking trying to keep them safe from Sheba, have them shut in the bedroom but they need more light, am going to put the grow light up in the room off the garage, wish it had heat in it as it is not that warm these days. We have three large raised beds built in the space we are going to have the garden, now have to get some loam trucked in. Guy is supposed to be here the end of the week to do some landscaping so will have him bring us some loam. Plants we moved down from the other farm and the ones we moved from the house here before they moved it off are all growing, when we moved the plants from here I did not notice tulips but here they are, growing big and healthy. The ground was so hard in the flowerbeds here HB took the bobcat and got under the plants and moved the whole bed over to a safe area so now am finding out what plants were there, now to get the landscaping done and the front deck built so I can move all the plants to their new area.
   I did get the Blue Sweater finished and washed but then have found a few mistakes which I did not notice until it was sewn up but it is going to stay the way it is, it was a kit and the only way I could get the pattern was to order the kit but why oh why did I use the yarn they sent with is a soft loose spun acrylic so does not hold its shape very well. It did not have a chart for the patterns and it had every pattern in the sweater printed separately and one was repeated ten times and another four times and another.....was so hard to keep track the sleeves are too will have to cut them off and reknit the cuffs.Here she is...
I keep thinking I should reknit it in another yarn, a natural fibre with some body to it and knit it when I am not moving and will revamp the pattern so it is not so confusing!

I carded up some of the pewter grey alpaca with some nylon and spun a skein, the nylon is called fake cashmere and it is so soft. Will knit myself a pair of socks out of it. The  customer that bought all the alpaca rovings from me has just e-mailed me and said he is almost finished spinning everything and how soon could I have some white alpaca ready for him so better phone friends I get the white fibre from and see if they have sheared yet. Well here goes hoping this gets posted, pictures will not go where I want them and the size of the font has decreased in size as I wrote, am off to work on the computer again!!!!

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