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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We are slowly getting there!!

We have a had a few nice sunny days although today was so windy, farmers field around us was being planted so lots of dust. RH rented a roto tiller and dug up a large area beside the raised beds he built, we are still waiting for the landscaper to arrive, we scrounged around and found some soil to put in the bottom half of the raised beds and there was an old manure pile out in the barnyard and he uncovered it and dug into the center of the pile with the bobcat and got some nice compost, now we just need some good dirt for the top of the beds. A person does not realize how much soil the beds take. Thank-goodness for the little bobcat as at our ages we can not do much shoveling and carrying anymore. Had an appointment with the eye doctor earlier in the week and all the business's have their was like Christmas!! I had to contain myself, bought two rose bushes, three iris plants different from what I already have, love this one, it wasn't blooming when I brought it home but look what it did yesterday!!
Also bought a couple lilies and a small geranium, forgot to take my camera out and take a picture of the little Geranium plants in the window of the shed, so nice to see all the bright color. Am not getting many pictures as the little camera that I can tuck in my pocket is having an issue and will not take pictures. Not much on the fibre front as we have not shorn our llamas and alpacas yet and now on the news tonight it sounds like we could get some more rain, hopefully they are wrong but it has really turned cold tonight. Good news is our Alpaca friends did manage to get their Alpacas shorn on the weekend, as we only have black Alpacas I usually get the other colors of fibre from them. So we will go get the fibre this Sat. and then I will be busy...can not wait!!


Lynne said...

Old blog died (kicking and screaming) so started a new one.

Might change to new addy when you have time


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Hi Lynne, So sorry about your old blog, I have been having so much trouble with mine but so far have not been kicked off totally,had a bout a month where they said I did not have a blog but I finally got it back. Keep trying to put your blog back into my favorites but so far is not sticking but I have it book marked and will keep trying, hope everyone finds you!!