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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Crochet Alpaca, she is so cute!!

Well the post I sent yesterday actually was posted to will try again, have not had time to smack the laptop around yet. I found this little cutie online, I can not remember the name of the book...I downloaded the book but only printed off the instructions for the Alpaca. It was a boy Alpaca named Sherwin but when I finished him I decided it looked like a her...but have to think of a name for her. She was my riding in the car project but finally decided to finish her last night. She wanted a crochet flower but all I could find was this little red flower and she wanted a red ribbon but had to be happy with a white one as that was all I could find, still do not have my cabinets moved downstairs so I can get all my stuff sorted out. All the time I was crocheting her I kept thinking way this is going to look like an Alpaca...kept calling it a hedgehog. But when all stuffed and sewn does look like a chubby little alpaca. Took her picture sitting in a plant last night and here she is.
O.K. I just went and checked and the name of the book is Crochet Softies and is written by Stacy Troch, I downloaded it as a e-book from Martingale. of course I thought she was going to be a little softie but she ended up about twelve this because I did not stop and read before I picked up the yarn and not know..will have to go back and check...might try the pattern in finer yarn.
    Well do not think the landscaping guy will be arriving anytime soon as it rained all night and there are puddles in the driveway...and  our house sits in a sea of clay......busy washing doggie paws. And after fighting with this computer and thinking bad thoughts about what I was going to do about it all of a sudden last night most of the problems disappeared...hmmm...maybe it was because of the hammer I sat on the counter beside the computer...usually my rule is not to have a hammer in the same room as a computer. Well am off to put the grow light up for the seeds I planted...not going to see the sun for a few days the weatherman says.............

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