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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Are we ever going to get spring???

Friday the day started with sunshine and the day was beautiful, we worked outside all day and the ground was drying up. RH cleaned the yard of some of the broken tree limbs from when they took some of the trees out to move the old house out and the new house in and the bad winds we had last fall and winter, the landscaper was supposed to come and move the dirt pile around for us but it was still too wet. I found all the pieces for my little greenhouse thing and got it all together and ready to go, so was a good day. Then we woke up Sat morning to rain and it was worse as the day went on, even had a few snow flakes and the wind was so cold. Glad we did not get all the snow they got north of us...snow in the month of May!! It would have been better to have it in the winter! Now it does not seem to bother the Robins....they just keep on doing Robin stuff but the poor Love birds are sitting there looking so cold. I am so worried about a pair of ducks that are wondering around the yard...there is a slough in the male llamas pasture that has water in it and back in the farmers field there is a pond with nice trees around it.....are they being chased out of the ponds...did something get their eggs...are they not supposed to be sitting on eggs right many questions...I know...I have to get a life!! And I would..if I could be out in the yard planting things!! I had some yarn left over from knitting the blue sweater so made myself a hat, being acrylic yarn and very light weight I thought it would make a great spring hat and it is, can hardly feel I have a hat on. it was a quick knit so think I will make a few more, for some reason I am really into knitting cables at the moment.
Now I hope the day is nicer tomorrow or I think I am going to have to go hang out in what greenhouses are open to reassure myself that spring is going to be here one day. My little tomato plants are not growing like they should under the light downstairs..either it is too cold or they are getting too much light...which it could be too much light as I have not found the automatic timer to turn the lights on and off and I keep forgetting to turn them off. Tomorrow is another day...Hope it is a good snow... no rain.......

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