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Monday, May 7, 2012

It looks like spring could be here! shhh! I am whispering this....

After the terrible rain snow wind etc day we had on Saturday and I was ready to run away and live in someones greenhouse...or go stark raving mad, the sun came out on Sunday, it was not that warm but looking out the window you could pretend, water everywhere. Now today the sun was out again and it was a bit warmer and it is drying up, I had an appointment with the eye Dr. today so we were off to town...and ohhhh... the temptations....they have all their garden plants out...made my day...bought a couple of Rose bushes.....a couple of new Iris plants...a Lily plant and another geranium. At the other place I had this beautiful pink rose bush and I was sure I had kept the sticker off the pot so I could get another one like it....I can not find the sticker!!! Am sooo upset!! I have a lot of pictures of that Rose bush, will print out some pictures and do the tour of the greenhouses...meanwhile I bought another pink Rose and a Red Rose bush. Oh Mr. Landscaper man please come and push the dirt around so we can get at flowerbeds! RH said he would go rent a roto-tiller tomorrow and get the garden dug up, it is going to take some work as it is over grown with grass. And we better start fitting some llama and alpaca shearing in too. The farmers around us are out getting their fields planted today. Remember this sweater I has been a year ago since I finished it, just before we moved...well I finally found where it had been packed away! I want to get it washed and blocked and then can measure it up for a zipper and that will be another UFO finished.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice warm day, hope the weatherman is right about that and we can get some outside work done up. It is such a frenzie out in the yard, birds hurrying here and there with nest building materials in their little beaks. there was a real commotion in the yard when a large hawk arrived and here were the Magpies chasing it away. I do not like the Magpies as they eat the little baby birds but they did good today chasing the hawk off. Well am off to bed, dog is fed and in his bed, cats just finished their snack and are ready to settle down, guess we can call it a day!!

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