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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rain and Snow = mud...mud...mud

It rained all day yesterday and at one point we had a bit of snow but thank goodness not as much snow as they had just southwest of us, their road was packed with snow. There will not be any landscaping done around here for a while!! You can see the slippery mud near the house, farther back the grass is green and in the distant is our raised beds waiting to be filled with soil so I can get them planted.Woke up this morning to fog and frost on the grass, it is finally disappearing and the sun is out, hope it stays. Finally put my grow light in the storage room downstairs as it was just too cold to put it out in the shed, now my little plants have light and a safe place from the cats, just have to remember where I put the timer I used before...searching...always searching.

Here is a picture of one of the Doves in the tree just outside of the window in the computer room. There has been a real fight going on in that tree...a Robin family wants to build their nest in there and the Doves have claimed it for themselves and my goodness those Robins are feisty, There was such a fight going on the other day I could not even see who was fighting with who but it looks as if the Doves taken the tree...I is not like there is only one tree in the yard. the Robins are so busy gathering nesting materials they almost walk over your feet. We are keeping Batman well fed and so far there have not been any bird casualties.
I have been knitting a pair of fingerless gloves for myself out of the pewter grey yarn I spun from the alpaca/wool roving, had started knitting my the reg pattern I usually use and decided to put a cable st. down the front, what a job trying to get the cable centered and the thumb in the correct spot. Finally got it all sorted out. am getting tired of knitting with grey, keep saying I have to get the dye pots out but it hasn't happened!! Am off to do some baking...good day for it!

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