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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shades of Pewter Alpaca yarn

Have the grey Alpaca/merino yarn spun up, I spun a fine tight twist as I am thinking of making myself a pair of fingerless gloves, I have knit many pairs for gifts and sales but never a pair for myself, I am thinking of something with cables and thought a tighter twist in the yarn would make the cables stand out, so we will see. I have it washed and drying. I carded up the rest of the grey Alpaca and tomorrow will put it through the carder another time and pull it off in roving. Then will card the rest of the gingerspice, then on to the brown alpaca fibre...have not decided what to mix with it although I found a bag of rainbo dyed silk in the gold shades that might look good, will do a small skein first and see how it looks. I had been spinning on my lendrum wheel but have some knee problems so unpacked my electric Roberta and got it set up...went to spin...I need a new driveband...which I do have a spare...but where is it packed?? Just sent a help!! help!! to Laura at Legacy Studio and she already has it in the mail, thank-you Laura! Will be so glad to get everything unpacked one of these days!
   Still slowly working on the blue sweater, have the buttonhole band knit on and one sleeve almost sewn in, too many interruptions in my days lately but did finish another sock, have to do a count and see how many I have, can always knit socks no matter what....specially when you have one or two cats on your lap...some days I feel like a cat slave...or a cat pillow. They are so needy in their old age.
   Weather is getting warmer these days and all the little birds are flying around...signs of spring are in the air, bring on the so waiting for green!!

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