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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Naked Alpaca...finally!!

The weather has been very warm the last few days so the shearing has started, actually it has been so hot in the afternoons shearing has only been done in the mornings, so it is not going that fast but has started...and now they are saying rain and snow the end of the week. Here is our little Belle...all naked and feeling great...she is so black! her mother and sister and brother are sheared also.
I have been trying for two days to get a post written!! I just get it started and write a couple of sentences and then blogger will not not let me continue do anything, now tonight it let me put Belle's picture up...and will not let me post anymore pictures! Am frustrated!! But so far is letting me write words so I will write. HB sheared all day today and has only one female llama left...she refused to come out of the pasture and we have our three large male llamas left to shear, they will be done if the weather holds good the next few days but that is a bit iffy so we will see. Went on Sat and picked up some alpaca fleeces from a friend, needed some light colors and as we did a calm period this morning I got out the sorting table and sorted for a bit outside, so have been washing alpaca fibre all day, wind came up so moved the table downstairs and now have fibre drying, just came up from fluffing it a bit to help it dry. Hopefully it will be dry enough tomorrow to start carding. Started picking and sorting another white alpaca fleece but it is so fine it is full of a lot of debris so it is slow going. Well off to bed and hope I am allowed to post this!! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better posting day!!

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Yvette said...

Your alpaca looks perky indeed. Feeling the breezes, right?