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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Last Big snow???Hopefully

Here is hoping this is the last big snow and spring is around the corner. We had the wind move the snow around and almost bury the barnyard. We had moved all the goats into the barn except for the bucks and when resident husband went out in the morning after a howling wind all night long he found the bucks standing in their shelter with snow halfway up their sides so he shoveled out their gate and moved them to the shelters we had freed up for the male Alpaca's and Llama geldings to use....which they didn't want to use. They preferred to stay out in the corral with their big hay feeder. When resident husband went out he said they were covered with snow except for their heads. By the time he told me about it,it was too late to get a picture.I went out later and took some pictures. Resident husband spent two days moving snow with the bobcat so we could get the truck in to deliver grain. Now the last couple of days we have had warm winds blowing so a lot of the snow has disappeared. Animals are all out grazing after having to stay near the buildings for the last couple of weeks. While all that was going on I had a hat attack and knit eight hats. I had bits and pieces of my rainbo yarn left from knitting slipper socks and wanted to use it up so knit some hats up with stipes of the rainbo yarn. The first three I knit were great, the next two were very large so decided I would toss them in the washing machine and felt them. They came out great, a bit on the small side but they will fit someone, then I decided I would knit some on the large side and felt them. The first hats I knit the main color was a natural grey and the last ones I knit were wool yarn that had been dyed at the mill...........they did not shrink like the others did so while they were o.k. for width they were extra long so was a good thing they were made for the bottom to roll up, it just has a bigger roll. I had put them in mesh bags before I put them in the washer and one of the bags broke open a bit on the bottom and when I took it out here was some of my hat hanging out of the bag!! So that hat is a bit lopsided, I gave it another wash and while it is still a bit lopsided I think it is wearable....a lot of thoughts running through my head on how to embellish it. Will maybe be the best hat of them all. Note to self....the natural colored yarns felt better than the ones that have been through the dye process....specially mill dyed yarns.

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