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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Navaho Plying----I did it!!

I did it!! I navaho plyed the whole spool of the tan colored alpaca/wool/mohair mix singles that I had on a bobbin and I think I got it. It has a few places that are a bit overspun but other than that it turned out great. I was so excited I went digging around in the mound of odd bits and pieces and found some singles that I had taken off a bobbin and rolled on a paper roll who knows how long could be ten years but I "think" it is all wool, so thought I would navaho ply that too and it worked out great. Only thing was the singles were really set after all those years and when I took the skein off the knitty noddy it was a mess as it twisted all over the place. So I soaked it in hot water and a bit of soap and then gave it a rinse and hung it to dry putting just a little weight on it and let it dry and it turned out great. So here they are!! Now to try the spinning from the fold for the long alpaca. But am taking a break and spinning some merino roving that I had rainbo dyed a bit ago. Also had a hat attack and knit five hats and two pair of slipper sox. They are washed and drying as I sit here, will take pictures later. Also the local mill just phoned me and the alpaca fibre I took up to them is all processed....I can not believe it!! I special or what!! They must have processed my order first!! Yahoo!!


Alpaca Granny said...

It's so exciting when the mill calls to come pick up fiber. I'm waiting on roving about 5 pounds of white alpaca/merino and 6 pounds of light fawn alpaca/mohair/Suri and who know what else I threw in there.

Alpaca Granny said...

Congrats on the Navaho plying. I always have to unspin the skein 'cause I totally overspin it.