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Monday, March 17, 2008

Another scarf finished

Just finished the handspun merino scarf I was working on, the roving was dyed before I spun it so has a mixture of colors and I really love it. Was worried about it as there seemed to be so many colors in it but it worked out great. Maxx even liked it and offered to model it for me. Still have to work the ends in and decide if I should put a fringe on it. I had dyed the grey knit tubing and found the vest pattern I was thinking of using it for. When I started knitting it I really did not care for it but forced myself on and now that the colors are worked and are fading into each other I love it and can not stop knitting. As soon as I finish the back I will post a picture. We have had a couple of snowy, cold dull days but today the sun is out, hope it stays for a bit. Off to figure out what to do next, have the knitting on the go and am spinning up some of the mohair/merino roving I just got back from the mill but I really should do some house cleaning. The fireplace stone is all up finally, just needs a few finishing touches but the really good news is the sand is pretty well all vacuumed off the floor and left over stone is taken downstairs and it looks like we have so much more room after living with the stone laying all over the floor for a month and a half. But there is dust everywhere so I think the job of the day is get some dusting done!!


Alpaca Granny said...

Hey, we have a Max also. He's a darling, yippy Sheltie.

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