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Monday, March 31, 2008

Finished Sweater

Finally!! Finally!! I finished the vest and blocked it, is so hard to take a picture in the house but we had a snow-thunder storm whatever going on outside today so I had no choice. I love the way the colors faded one into another, the only place I manipulated the color was on the right front trying to match it up a bit with the left front. I was knitting off the knit tube I had dyed, it was a light grey to start with and I thought the colors would have been muted a bit. I think next time I will put the vinegar in the water I soak the knitted tube in instead of the dyes as I found the dye was grabbed too fast, had a hard time getting the colors to overlap creating another color. The biggest problem with the vest is there is too much yellow, anyone that knows me knows.....I really....really do not like too much yellow. I do not mind a bit as it sets the other colors off. I never wear yellow and I would probably be physically ill if I had to....why?? I do not know. So what am I knitting now.......a scarf that is knit in short rows, I just got the new Creative Knitting Magazine today and I loved the scarf pattern in it, in the magazine it is knit in reds and blues and I loved it......what color am I knitting it in?? I only had one skein left of wool I dyed so am using it and has too much yellow in it!! Next dye pot will not have yellow in it unless it is mixed with blue....creating green. Spent the afternoon potting up some of my plants, they were getting pretty sad, now I have a problem with the rest of the house plants, they want new soil too and are threatening to toss leaves all over the place if I don't so better have another potting up day tomorrow.

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Alpaca Granny said...

Love your vest. Think you're right, it needs the yellow to set off the other colors.