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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Snow Day!

We had a beautiful day yesterday and the snow from the night before melted away but this morning everything is white again and it is still snowing with a strong is cold out there!! We really need the moisture as it is so dry but for goodness sake just get on with it....all this fooling around with a bit of snow one day and a bit the next....just give it to us!! I am e-mailing Mother Nature with a complaint! Well am off to pot up a few plants, they are looking pretty sad so I think they need new soil, then I better get the vacuum out and do some cleaning. Knit on the vest some more yesterday and hopefully I can have it finished and blocked today. Then what should I knit?? really should knit a few more pairs of socks and put them in the stash for the fall sales. Meanwhile let us all think of the spring flowers that will eventually come our way!

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