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Friday, March 7, 2008

Finished Scarf!!

Finally got the scarf finished, it isn't that long, she only gave me a small piece of knitted tubing to experiment on, wish I would have measured it before I started knitting. Have to dye a larger piece and make a longer scarf. The tube was knitted so densely that it felt harsh but after I knitted the scarf and washed it, it is nice and soft. Forgot to ask what wool they used but it feels like Merino. I had some merino roving that I had rainbo dyed in the roving and I finally spun that up, there was about 200grms so made two good sized skeins. The spun skein colors looked so busy but I started a directional scarf with it and it looks great. Will get a picture tomorrow. We have had great weather the last few days so the snow is disappearing and I am starting to think about ordering seeds and planning where to plant what and of course planning the strategy for keeping the gophers out of the garden. they are out and about already.Spring must be on it's way, a pair of Bald Eagles have been flying around lately. I also better get the bluebird nesting boxes up, they are probably already here.

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