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Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Knitting

Took a picture of the scarf I started with the merino I just finished spinning. I dyed it in the roving and although I thought it was a bit busy I thought I would try a scarf with it and I love the way it is turning out. I love this scarf pattern but you sure have to make sure you get the purl rows where they should be and the knit where they should be as it isn't until you are finished a diagonal piece that you realize you could be out a row and then it is pattern needs to be enlarged so it is easier to read but for some reason my copier does not want to do the job so hand printed it out and it is working better. Had a cleaning attack this morning...wonder why with all this sand all over the floors, we are still putting the stone up on the almost almost done, my patience is wearing thin. I had bought a throw blanket a bit ago in a tan color almost the color of the couch in the family room and have used it as a cover on the seat to help with the dog and cat hair, it was really large and was folded in two on the seat. This morning as I was taking it off to wash I had this great idea that if I cut it up I could have a piece to cover the bottom, pieces to cover both arms and another piece that would fit on the chair seat of the leather recliner. Everything worked out perfect and there was not a scrap left over. Sheba, one of the cats just has to sit on the arm of the couch as I sit and knit at night so the cover will save the arm and covering the recliner seat will make it more comfy for the cats (as if they need more comfort)Am off to knit a bit!!


Alpaca Granny said...

You make me smile. Our home seems to revolve around the 3 dogs and Riley, the house cat. We go through a lot of vacuums.

Anonymous said...
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