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Friday, March 14, 2008

More Dyeing

All of our snow pretty well disappeared, mainly from the winds we have had and now tonight it snowed a bit and has turned colder. I went out and checked the flower beds the other day and the iris are coming up. The most exciting thing for me in the spring is when I find little plants coming up. RH had a meeting in the city the other day so decided to dye a couple of the grey colored knitted tubes and they turned out so great I can not wait to start knitting something with them but have to finish knitting the scarf I had started with my handspun rainbo dyed merino first. After having to rip it back a bit, could not figure out where I went wrong but it just was not working out. riped it back a bit and reknit and finally have it finished, will have to get pictures tomorrow the way it worked out. Now I can start knitting on one of the other dyed tubes tomorrow.......have to decide what?? I have a vest pattern in my mind but can not remember where I seen the pattern, hopefully it will come to me tomorrow, have had such a sinus headache all week I am almost brain dead, hopefully next week will be better.Posting the pictures of the knitted tubes I dyed.

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