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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another scarf

Well the sun was shining today, it wasn't that warm but as long as the sun shines you seem to have more energy......except the dog and the cats, they just lay in the sunbeams soaking it up. I potted up a few more plants and others got a haircut, now have to get a few more pots before anymore potting, have to cut down the geraniums and get some cuttings rooted, they are in the windows downstairs and at the moment they look like trees with big beautiful blooms. Got a bit of spinning accomplished, had some roving made up at the mill with my mohair and their merino so have been trying to get some spun up to see how it turns out, it is such a delicate thin roving I hesitate to try to dye it first so will dye it after I spin it up. Maybe if I painted the roving and steamed it, it would be o.k. should try a bit and see. Took a picture of the short row scarf I started knitting from the pattern in the new Creative Knitting Magazine, they also have a pattern for the cutest little rabbits I am itching to knit. Would make cute baby gifts!!

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lisa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your scarves are lovely, and I really like the vest!