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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Where is that Easter Bunny!! I need some Chocolate!!

Well I was determined to get enough of the dog/alpaca/wool carded and pulled into roving and start spinning it yesterday......I did not have time until later in the evening but I was determined to get some progress made before I went to bed! So I started carding....and here came my two old cats who protested that they wanting me to come upstairs, grey Kitty yowling and running I went upstairs and gave them something to eat...these two cats are fifteen years old and can only eat a little at a time...which means eating all day..which means I am their servant...and they know how to work me. I thought once they had eaten they would have calmed down and forgot I was downstairs...but they were again...howling...under my feet... I tried to ignore them and carried on with carding...Grey Kitty thinks she is the boss downstairs so she smacked poor Sheba around and chased her upstairs, then came back down to carry on with trying to get me to go upstairs...I got the fibre carded and pulled into roving and sat to the spinning wheel to spin...well she was not happy at all and yowling away almost getting her tail caught in the spinning wheel...bumping my leg...and I was spinning along, thinking I would just get a good start and then finish today...and then...if you are a spinner you will cringe....I lost of end of the fibre I was spinning and there it was hanging there and had lost all its twist.......
Now it is midnight...Grey Kitty is still doing her yowling and running around.....and I am trying...with no luck to get enough twist in the loose end so I can pull it back through the orfice so I can continue spinning.....I sat for a minute..and calmed down...then went upstairs...gave the cat a bit of food and went to bed!!! And no Chocolate Easter Bunnies were harmed....I did not get down to solve the problem today...I was going to as RH was going into town to pick up his new glasses and had a list (which I reviewed with him before he left so he knew what he was getting)and I thought good I will have all this time with no interruptions, cats usually sleep and I just have to mix up some muffins and then will be able to go down and get spinning again.....nope did not get done....RH phoned times...SEVEN TIMES!!!!! before he came home with questions on what he was getting. The last phone call....I said...bring me home some chocolate!!!!
I did accomplish one thing today......I made a dishcloth....I made the other one yesterday...and of course the muffins......please let tomorrow be a better day......The old cats are smacking each other as I type this and I am on my way to bed!!

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