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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another Snow Day...And potting up Plants....

Here we have Another Snow Day! it would have been nice to have a nice warm rain but we will take what we can get to stop the grass fires, will be glad when the farmers get their fields worked up. It has been so dry and windy lately.
The poor Robins were just sitting there in shock, tonight it is all melted so tomorrow should be a good worm day for them....unless we get more snow tonight. So what have I been doing....not much knitting....have not gotten back to spinning...and only a few swipes at pulling the guard hair out of the llama fleece I have been working at....came to the conclusion that the fleece is Posy's, looks different sheared than it does on her. I have been potting up the tomato and pepper plants I had started, I have thirty-eight Tomato plants, seven varieties and Fifty Pepper plants and have run out of space under my light in the shed, if it warms up I will be able to put the Geraniums etc out in the greenhouse with a small heater for the nights, do not want to get an unexpected frost like last year where there was frost damage.
Here they are...and so far everyone looks great! Last year I had such beautiful Mini Roses and wanted to keep them over the winter, a friend of mine said she always keeps hers over the winter in the ground, I had mine in large pots so last fall I buried the pots in the ground and made a fence of chicken wire around them and filled it with tree leaves, the wire thank-goodness kept the leaves in place or the winds we had would have blown them away. I just removed the leaf mulch yesterday and there are little leaves coming out on all three pots!! I have tried to keep them over in the heated shed with the other plants and while they would live they did not look good and never bloomed the following year.So am hoping to have them bloom this summer!!

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