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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Where did Friday go?? I thought Tomorrow was Friday!!

Our snow is not going away! It was so cold today with the breeze blowing off the snow.
RH cleaned the snow off the decks but the ground is still covered and the strange thing about it is, a couple miles on either side of us there is no snow......Mother Nature...what did we do to upset it because I started my seeds too early!! I promise I will never do it again! Please take this snow away....I moved my tomato and pepper plants I started in the house out to the heated shed under the grow lights I have been so nervous...this is their first night out of the house....I know I need to get a life! What have I been knitting? I hate to show is so boring....
I finished the dish cloths for the lady that ordered them.......and I could not stop making them!! I forced myself to get the socks out I was working on before the dishcloths and knit on them tonight, just have a toe to finish on the second sock and will have another pair finished.What I have been doing since I finished the skein of the dog/alpaca/wool is cleaning up my work area, cleaned the picker...cleaned the carder...and today I washed a fleece and have it drying on the screen, have a fan on it and is surprising me how fast it is drying, will leave the fan on all night and it should be dry by morning.
I had sorted this fleece and had it in bags ready to wash for a while, was actually wanting to dry it outside but the way the weather has been thought I would just get it done and dry it in the house. Now....I thought it was an alpaca fleece......but it is a llama fleece...and I have a mind blank on who the llama is that gave me this fleece....this is going to keep me awake all night!! It is a fleece from a young animal..and it is beautiful...but whose fleece is it? I will be out early in the morning to try to figure out which llama gave me the fleece....Tomorrow is another day...which I thought was Friday.......but it just dawned on is Friday!! So guess tomorrow is Saturday!!

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