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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Some Flowery Cheer...and Another Problem to Solve

I think this Christmas Cactus thinks it is an Easter cactus!! I think I heard somewhere there is an Easter Cactus that looks much like a Christmas Cactus.
Will have to google Easter Cactus.....
And look who else does not want to be left out. And here I have forgot her proper called the Wax Plant too. Well onto the spinning problem of yesterday..finally got that sorted out and spun a bit more...really wanted to finish spinning but too many interruptions today, did get two more dishcloths knit so am finished with them and can get them off to the lady that wanted them. Disaster of the day...there just had to be one....I was vacuuming the furniture....a never ending job with these cats, I was using the central vacuum and I must have somehow left a small ball of yarn tucked in one of the cushions.....which was vacuumed up...and plugged the hose...thank-goodness it was the hose because for a while I thought it had went into the pipes in the wall....that would have really been a disaster. I think it is up close to the beginning of the hose, so the job for tomorrow will be to try to fashion a wire clothes hanger with a hook on it to hook the ball of yarn and get it out. another day!

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