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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Was it Christmas....or...Easter this past Weekend????

It started to snow Saturday night....and this is what we woke up to Sunday morning!! And it snowed all day! So there was no coming or going for Easter so was a lazy day...eating turkey all by ourselves...and eating turkey for the rest of the week. Making turkey pies to go in the freezer for another day. Was it only last week that it was so dry there were grass fires, one thing we do not have to worry about for a while. The poor birds who had been so happy last week whipping around the yard finding places to build nests were now trying to find some place to perch and food to eat!
The Doves went from Sunning themselves to flopping through the trees trying to find a place to sit and this poor bird hanging onto the truck of a tree. Bird feeders were covered with snow so RH put some seed out in a large flat pan on the ground and we could see the birds helping them selves all day. Now this morning the sun is out and it is supposed to warm up....and then we will have water all over the place. Decided yesterday I had to get the rest of the dog/alpaca/wool spun up if it took me all night, spun a bit in the morning, a bit after lunch and finished up just before midnight...had no cats helping until the last half hour then here came grey Kitty with her howling and yowling but I ignored her and finished up the other bobbin and today it will be plying, washing and hanging to dry and tomorrow it will be in the mail and I can get at something else. The tomato and pepper seeds I had planted are coming up so the first thing will be to get the plants in the shed organized so I can get at the grow lights and get my little plants under them. Right now they are sitting on the dining room table with a small light on them.

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