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Friday, March 13, 2015

Could this be Spring?

Our snow has disappeared and it is warm and so dry, it makes us feel like we have spring already but winter will probably hit us at least once before it is gone. The little violas are stating to poke their heads up, love them, all you need is one plant to go tossed and you will have them forever. Have been out in the paddock taking pictures....or trying to take pictures of the llamas and alpacas..they have found sprigs of green grass growing and you can hardly get them to lift their heads from the ground. But did get a few good ones.
This is little Thistle growing up on the left and Princess who was gifted to us last year with her mother, Princess is such a beautiful large girl. She stands so proud.
And I caught Taffy my little Alpaca gelding just sitting back enjoying the sunshine, chewing his cud, he takes the funniest pictures but is so cute! Will go out again tomorrow and see if I can intice them to lift their heads up from the new green grass and get some more pictures. Will soon be time to shear again and I am still sorting fibre from last year. I will never catch up!!

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