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Friday, March 27, 2015

Where did the day go?? It is almost over and I am still looking for it........

The day is almost over...and I really do not know where it went...what did I get done today....
I know this is what took my whole morning, I added the sugar to the Choke Cherry juice I spent the day yesterday cooking up berries and straining the juice off them. I put the kettle with the juice on the stove to heat up and added the sugar, while it was heating I got the canning jars out and.......I do not have new lids to fit the jars!! Why can I not get my act together!! RH was on his way to town so I gave him an old lid and he was going to see if he could find some in one of the stores....I was worried as it is not canning season......I said call me if you find some and I will get the juice cooking and be ready to put it in the jars when you bring the lids. He did find some and called me so I got the juice boiling and he came with the lids and I have it all finished. Now the recipe I found said add the sugar to the juice and boil for five minutes......five got to be kidding....I cooked it for at least two hours before it was the right consistency. The syrup is sooo good, the berries were off the bushes my sister planted in her yard and I have never had such flavourful Choke Cherry Syrup, it is amazing, will have to ask her where she got the plants. Two days to get these few jars of Syrup but when you taste was worth it! O.K. that took care of the morning.....and part of the early afternoon. Then I went out to the shed where I have all my plants I saved over the winter and checked to see if any needed watering.
Look what I found on another of my little vines.....the littlest yellow flowers...I kept the vines over in the shed last year and none of the vines bloomed. look at all my plants I kept over...they all need to be clipped down...what am I going to do with all these plants until I can get them into the greenhouse and then outside in the yard?? I am sure we are going to get some freezing weather before it really warms up. I can put a little heater in the greenhouse but will it be enough if it really turns cold, my plants are like my children so I would be out in the greenhouse all night worrying about them. I also checked my flowerbeds and so many plants are already coming they know spring is really here? Now on the fibre scene....I did get the sock I was working on finished except for finishing the end of the toe, just have a little more dog hair/alpaca/wool to card so I can spin it.....I have to admit...I am not enjoying this! The dog hair is quite short so really sticks to the carding cloth...but am working at it. Tomorrow is another day!

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