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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another hit of winter so will deal with my Sock problems!

We went from this......
To this in a matter of days, with horrid wind for a day and a half between Sun and Snow! But was so glad to see the moisture whether it was rain or snow as wind stopped and we so needed the moisture. So no new animal pictures. Decided to change from fingerless mitt knitting to go back to sock knitting, had a pair of red socks almost finished, had set them aside when a special order came in so they had been sitting for a bit, only needed the toe on the one sock to be finished and was worried about remembering what I had done on the first sock but they match thank-goodness! Why would I leave off knitting when I only had a toe to finish!! I went to the bin where my sock yarn was stashed and just reached in and grabbed a skein and started knitting.....another lesson learned...make sure you have a matching skein before you knit a large size sock!! I picked the only colour that I only had one skein of course ran out of that pair will be set aside until I can order a skein that hopefully matches and if it does not match...guess I have another pair of socks for myself...Had a terrible time with the yarn for this pair of socks as the twist was so loose so will try knitting from the other end of the skein and see if it makes a difference on the next pair.
Here are the red socks ready to be washed and blocked! Love the red!
Here are the poor socks that are causing all the fuss!I had not finished off the toe because if I was close to finishing the other sock I could have riped back a bit to finish the other one. I found one little left over ball from another pair I made but it will not be enough so have ordered another skein, the good thing is when I get another skein of the same colour, the yarn left over will make a small pair of socks!
And this is the yarn I am started another pair of socks with.....because it is St. Paticks Day!! Can you tell I am trying to be a better blogger??.....Plus I just got my new cell phone so am trying out the camera on it!

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