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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Snow gone! Mud appears! And the Calendar says it is the first day of Spring! Mother Nature...Take Notice!!

The snow has pretty well disappeared again and I could not believe what happened under the plants started shooting up, I just looked at the flower beds not even a week ago and nothing was coming up! I am always excited to discover the little green leaves coming up in the spring!
My large spring really here you silly things, hopefully we do not have freezing weather before it really warms up!
And finally the leaves of the tulips have appeared! The calendar says that it is the first day of spring but sometimes Mother Nature does not agree but hope she is in agreement this year and we do not get anymore cold snowy weather.
Here is the progress on the the St. Patrick sock, got carried away so have to rip back a couple rows so I can start the toe. This time I started knitting from the other end of the ball and I think that is the answer with this yarn as the last pair of socks the yarn was untwisting as I knit. Have to get some yarn dyed, my knitting friend called and needs some more rainbow dyed yarn for her mittens she knits, got the dyes all mixed up and ready to go so hopefully tomorrow I can get at least one pot of yarn dyed.

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