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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Doesn't Everybody go out and lecture their Plants???

Everything is starting to come up in the flower gardens, look what I found this morning!!!
Two of my Delphiniums are already poking out of the ground!! I have never seen them so early! I am so afraid it is going to get cold enough to I gave them a good talking to this morning! Silly girls!! I better find something I can cover them up just incase. I spent the morning planting tomato and pepper seeds in flats in the house, so I have nine different kinds of tomatoes planted, eight kinds I planted five seeds each and one variety I planted ten seeds and I planted three kinds of is a chocolate coloured pepper...should be interesting. Most of the tomato seeds came from my Aunt in the U.S. and are heritage seeds. Do not know where I am going to plant all of them...the greenhouse only holds so many. Once the seeds sprout I will have to get them out under the grow lights in the shed and the warmer matt for under them...if I can find the warmer matt......guess what RH used it for this winter.....he put it in the barn cats bed to keep them warm.... And I did find a few minutes to knit a bit, have the one sock finished and got a start on the second one. Tomorrow is another day...which.. could be interesting...RH is going to build a wooden picnic table that folds up into a bench......remember the stress of the bluebird houses.....send me survival vibes please...and Lord...send me patience.....

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